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Crossed buns

There are periods of time around mid-morning when my mind seems to switch into standby mode. Maybe it’s to do with my blood sugar level. On this particular day I was experiencing a foggy head coupled with a difficulty to process words spoken to me. 241 more words


Apfelstrudel, or the “Apple Whirlpool”

// Written By Francisca Gomez //

Apple strudel, in German “apfelstrudel,” is a variety of the strudel, a pastry that is made with very thin dough, filled with something sweet or salty, then rolled into a “strudel” which in German means “whirlpool.” As you can probably guess, apfelstrudel is a traditional strudel filled with apples. 554 more words

Francisca Gomez

The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason

After Dara and I had done our bit cheering on the marathon runners, we decided all of our hard work deserved a reward, so we headed off in search of some light fuel. 91 more words


Baked apple dumplings/ mini strudels

I call them mini strudels because they taste almost like the traditional Czech pastry.  While the latter has a much more complicated recipe/ingredients for the dough, this one is, by far, the easiest dough I have ever made from scratch.   397 more words


Andre's Cafe & European Bakery

Much like what prompted me to try Two Little Red Hens, I frequently passed by Andre’s Cafe when walking to the subway and always commented (in my head) about how cute the store was and how delicious the pastries in the window looked. 314 more words


Inglorious Basterds - Strudel Scene

This is one scene that stuck with me for a long time after watching a film that has some pretty memorable and scarring visuals. Every time I see apple strudel I immediately think of Christoph Waltz’s perfect psychopathic expression as he watches Shoshanna cut into that flaky pastry. 161 more words

March Travels

After spending the entire Christmas holidays at home and hearing about the other assistants’ adventures I got a bit of the travel bug, just in time for the March holidays. 711 more words