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“Sometimes, life is like running on a treadmill. No matter how fast you run, you’ll find yourself struggling on the very same spot” 



Family Lawyers Make Divorce Less of a Struggle

If you think you may need a family lawyer, you may want to know exactly what does a family lawyer do. Most legal matters involving families with children, especially divorce, a family lawyer can address. 141 more words


Pull the Trigger #PTSD #Struggle

Can there ever be normal

for an abnormal life

People can’t see the scars

that don’t live on the outside

They don’t understand

what they cannot see… 95 more words

If At First You Don't Succeed.

As I have started on this brand new journey of life long sobriety and believing in a higher power, and letting go of the uncontrollable, my knees are still a bit shaky and wobbly as they should be.   301 more words


The Harder it is the Softer I Fall...

I have noticed, for me, the harder a situation is in my life the less bullshit I am  willing swirl into the mix. Going through terrible loss and struggle that has brought me to my knees and leaves me in a womb of grace in which I can just surrender to all the angst and allow the pain to flow. 218 more words

Folly and Lupus

I hate being sick, I hate needing help and I hate having to ask for it. Yet I live with lupus, which means I am sick and need help and thus must ask for it. 347 more words

Easter, is a time where we reflect on Christ’s rejection and our salvation. It was through His rejection that we received the greatest miracle, redemption and life.  763 more words