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Bad times are followed by good times

It always happens in life. Things don’t go the way you want to. I remember feeling the lowest of the lows only a few weeks ago. 296 more words


His Life Giving Word

Over the years, our love live can become dull and lifeless. We go through the motions and trudge along during the days. That “new… 118 more words

Bad Beginnings - A Poem

I wish to be of bravery,
a wish too brave to stand.
With all the airs of legacy,
cowardice stays my hand.

And though I claim my loyalty… 57 more words



Complacency.  That is the word that keeps repetitively tossing around like a snowstorm in my mind recently.

One of the definitions of complacency says ” Complacency is a self-satisfied state of mind oblivious to any present danger.   803 more words


i close my eyes and all is beautiful

greetings and salutations given freely

“yes, sir!  it’s so nice to see you!!!”

“how are you today, ma’am?”

but no one gives a fuck

the waitress with big tits… 170 more words

Random Rantings Of A Madwoman

13 Struggles Of Being The Brutally Honest Friend

1. You have to censor yourself when your friend’s friends are around you because they’re not used to being around your usual candor. And once in a while you are bound to let it slip and it gets uncomfortable for a few people. 612 more words