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Depression Does Not Have To Control Your Life!

This is the personal story of one of my best friends, mother. Her personal struggle, her life…. I share this with hope of helping others. 922 more words

Game Day

Whew. These first few weeks of school have been a blur. Between move-in, classes starting, and getting back into the swing of things, I feel like I haven’t had a second to breathe. 595 more words

I see the Light

I was in front of the holy sacrament tonight, and as I was praying, I had a very moving encounter with God, and this prayer came to me. 102 more words

Novitiate Year

Uncalled For

*Warning: This is a rant (oops).

While there are a lot of events in life that are completely uncalled for, I think these past 2 weeks has really got me drawing the last straw. 665 more words

"I hear those chains falling."

Heavy iron chains strained taut from the hard prison walls to cuffed wrists. The cuffs cut into his wrist as he strains, muscles and veins flexing across his arms as pulls, pulls, pulls. 1,509 more words


Why do you do what you do?

I never really knew how I was supposed to live my life. For a long time I consumed my own world with work and school and there really wasn’t any time for ‘relaxing’. 304 more words


Guerilla writing

Baby steps.  It is how I am attempting to break the ridiculous block I’ve been facing. I am using some new strange and odd methods to trick my brain into being some kind of productive.   375 more words