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play it again

I have decided to purchase a recorder. I haven’t used one for years; hopefully, they aren’t expensive. My idea behind this is for recording my thoughts when I’m on my walks. 340 more words


I am rarely one for self-promotion and hate being in the spotlight.  Despite my dislike for attention,  my musings today call for it.  I turn twenty today–a whole two decades of being alive.   1,046 more words


Another Day

Life, don’t we all find ourselves in the midst of life. Mine has been rather a whirl wind of changes and learning things I never planned to learn. 357 more words


Spiritual Battles

Today’s note will be in question and answer form!

  1. : If Jesus has obtained all power in heaven and in earth, why we still fight spiritual battles?
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Dreams should be a motivation for you to continue to go through life’s struggles used as a way to better yourself.  And as a reminder that good things come to those who are patient, those who pray for it, and those who are willing to put the work in to make it happen.   202 more words



Fact is I’ve been a lethargic lazy bum mess for the last several weeks…years. yah yah my friends will say I’m not giving myself enough credit but no – really. 319 more words

Struggle for Writing Time!

Do you have a hard time finding quality writing time? Do you struggle for a few minutes a day to put your thoughts and stories on paper? 488 more words