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Let It Go

Have you already decided not to read this post because the title alone has you cringing from PTFD-Post Traumatic Frozen Disorder? While I can’t promise you won’t hear children squealing in delight in the back of your head, I can tell you that this post will not leave you humming a tune you simply cannot remove from your brain. 574 more words


A little motivational note to all Erasmus students

It’s been almost a month since I wrote a blog post, and I’m not entirely sure why. And suddenly, without me even realising, it’s almost time to go home for Christmas. 574 more words


Struggles and Thanksgiving

I know thanksgiving is a season to be thankful for the blessings in our lives and the people that we love..
I also know it is a time that can amplify the struggles that we are experiencing .. 192 more words

And Believe

Have I become over analytical? I ask in my tired mind.

A little bit. A whisper on the verge of a laugh. I can hear a smirk. 479 more words

Altert! Altert!

Yes, been missing for months now with nothing to write about.
My life in the San Fernando Valley has become more complicated
the longer I attend this university. 94 more words

Muslims in Eau Claire face lingering prejudice and struggles

By Anis Filza Abdul Samad

Jennifer Templin was excited to move back to Eau Claire after being in Canada for 12 years. It is a place she called home, and after finishing her studies, she looks forward to spending time with her family. 1,859 more words

Epidemic of Mediocrity

In preparation for my AP Language class and its argument unit, I try to find some controversial texts to use to push the students to make clear opinions about a variety of issues. 4,003 more words