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I have the tendency to not listen to any advice: a little pride, a little stubbornness, and a lot of daydreaming in my own little world.



They crossed the line. One too many times, the Israelites provoked God. After He showed them His goodness by giving them food and water and delivering them powerfully from the Egyptians, they accused Him of being bad. 87 more words


335 Thou dost protest too much

When atheists rail against God they are actually affirming His existence.

They need God to complain against.

They know their moral needs and will not give up their vices. 20 more words


Habits you need to deal with

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DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Saturday, August 30, 2014

The lesson for me today is on habits.  I went to Joyce Meyer’s website and started listening to her radio show titled, “Developing the “Character” Habits” and she started talking about making good habits, breaking bad habits.  784 more words


From the Mouth of an Ex-Scoffer

What should godly community look like? Check out my latest post on Come Awake to find out! READ it here: “From the Mouth of an Ex-Scoffer… 77 more words



The day felt cold

My pride felt old

My eyes and mind run wild

My emotions run wild

The beehive was stirred by a stick… 107 more words


From the Mouth of an Ex-Scoffer

I’ve got two very important, often overlooked words for you today: godly community. It’s a shame this concept is overlooked so frequently because once experienced, it’s something no believer can live without. 1,712 more words

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