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when your arrow has it's own target

Ever since I started on my graduate school journey, which was the day I decided to apply to graduate school in May of 2013, I have had people approaching me about this program. 1,163 more words

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Topics in Higher Ed: Community Colleges


This particular New York Times article was so important to read because of its relevance to the types of student I see myself working with in the future- students of color from working class backgrounds and limited resources. 461 more words

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Every now and then, or every six months as it seems, I come back to my blog with some reflections on life, love, and work. I have to say, it has been an absolutely wild six months. 513 more words

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What is your passion, Andrea? - Personal Statement Feedback

There’s nothing like reading feedback on your personal statement. This piece of writing is the last part of my application package that I am working on for graduate programs (sidenote: need to check up with my recommendors to see how the letters are coming along). 290 more words

Graduate Application Process

Journaling My Why

I have presented to a lot of students: hundreds (borderline a thousand plus) on a single topic. The topic I am most frequently asked to OR choose to present on is Leading with purpose: finding your why. 271 more words

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Trans*ing Feminism

by Z Nicolazzo

This morning, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I happened across a post that brought a smile to my face: it now appears that Simmons is the third Women’s college to openly affirm its stance on accepting transgender (herein referred to as trans*) students (Rocheleau & Landergan, 2014). 1,360 more words


be the archer...

After a hiatus from my blogging I am back after attempting to watch Season 5 Episode 15 of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I refreshed the page at least ten times and each time had the same error pop up on the screen… I am assuming Netflix is trying to tell me to get my happy self off of Netflix and do something with the “spare” time I have this fine evening. 1,096 more words

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