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Do Grades Define You

Does Learning Trump Grades

If you are like me, grades are always on your mind. You are obsessed with them; you want to get that… 372 more words

#SOS: The Art of Help and Questions

I watched a TED talk by Michael Stevens about his channel VSauce and why adults don’t ask questions as often as children. As we get older we ask less questions and don’t ask for help as often as we do when we were younger. 407 more words

Binghamton University to host its 2nd Student Affairs Day Conference!

Innovation to Implementation: Emergent Student Affairs Practice through Praxis
Call for Session Proposals

About the Conference: Innovation to Implementation: Emergent Student Affairs Practice through Praxis is a one day conference held this spring at Binghamton University for graduate students in student affairs programs as well as current student affairs practitioners. 249 more words

Student Affairs Professionals and the “Self-Inflicted Wound of Being Busy"

As promised a week ago, I’m back to talk more about my thoughts surrounding the recent surge in articles, videos and other media that focus on the “crisis” of being busy. 2,520 more words

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Of advocacy, risk, loss and holiday anxiety

I’m damn lucky.
I’m financially stable, secure in my facts, able to convey opinions and comfortable in the loss that comes with advocacy.

But as the holidays approach, I realize this places me in a seat of privilege that our students do not have but so desperately need. 333 more words

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You Got The Job Or Internship, Now What? 9 Tips To Survive and Thrive In Your Role

OK, before you say it, I know I’m probably jumping the gun- for most of you reading this, the moment I reference in the title is quite a bit off and you probably feel like I’m taunting you. 3,012 more words

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Highly Effective Educators

As both an educator and a student, I have seen my fair share of effective and not so effective educators. I had identified a few traits that I believe make extremely effective educators and facilitators. 413 more words