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"The Power of Vulnerability"-A guide to "Wholehearted Living", and Confidence

Almost as soon as I published my last post…I began to struggle with my one word: confidence. Ironically I began to feel less confident. We were going through professional staff training and some of the sessions were really hard for me.  517 more words

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First impressions – In the JFK Airport and on the SAA Flight

From the airport waiting area at JFK Airport, it became quite noticeable how indeed South Africa is a “Rainbow Nation.”  However, continuing along with the analogy of the rainbow and sky, I will say that there were a lot of “white clouds” amidst the other bright colors. 52 more words

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What does unemployment look like?

Unemployment is a scary (and sometimes scarring) word. It can be associated with failure, instability, and other treacherous stigmas. For a time, it can offer others a chance to take pity on you. 1,432 more words


Mythbusters: Breaking Ice with Introverts

As some of you may know, July marks the six month anniversary of the release of my first book, THE I’S HAVE IT: Reflections on Introversion in Student Affairs. 1,106 more words

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From Undergrad to Full-Time Student Affairs and the Imposter Syndrome

I started my new position as a resident director at Portland State University about two and a half weeks ago. The first week was a whirlwind of training, shaking hands, learning new technology and terms, and meeting new staff members and campus partners. 1,196 more words

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Final Post of the Summer.

Today is my last day in New Zealand. Throughout the last couple weeks, it was my hope to post more frequently (at least one post per major stop). 842 more words