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Opportunity to be a Student Ambassador for Firefox OS

Know Mozilla:Mozilla is a global community with a mission to put the power of the Web in people’s hands. The nonprofit has been engaged in this venture for more than 15 years and is focused on creating open standards to enable innovation and advance the web as a platform for all. 802 more words

Education And Career

Meet the Speaker with William Easterly

Before Dr. William Easterly’s public program at the World Affairs Council on March 27, he sat down with our Student Ambassadors to discuss economics, book writing and career navigation. 309 more words

Meet The Speaker

Kejai McNeal: First Semester Recap

My name is Kejai McNeal, I am a 1L Student Ambassador, and I am in my  second semester of my 1L year. Here is a recap of a few activities I participated in during my first semester. 579 more words

Life At Loyola

My Home - Angie Losinger

I’m not quite sure when Warnell first started feeling like a home and family to me. There are many instances where this could have occurred. It could have been when I spent the weekend bonding and white water rafting with my fellow ambassadors. 385 more words

Student Perspectives

Face to Faith: A Conversation between San Francisco and Jakarta

Even in an area as internationally connected as the Bay Area, we sometimes don’t really understand cultural beliefs in other countries. As part of the Student Ambassador program, we have the opportunity to increase our cultural knowledge through person to person connections. 308 more words

Programs And Scholarships

My Fantastic February


There has been so much excitement in my life during the month of February so I’ll try to touch on some of the major things to update you all… 765 more words


Katelyn Sprague: SBA sponsered Bulls Game

You know that feeling, the one where school starts to feel really like school? The days are getting shorter, your library hours are getting longer, and everyone starts whispering the word “finals” really quietly as if maybe they won’t happen if you don’t speak of them. 152 more words

Life At Loyola