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Connecticut: the countdown is on

20th August. That’s the day I’ll be gathering my bags and worldly possessions and a jumper so my mother doesn’t have to ask if I’ll be warm enough all so I can board the aeroplane to make my way to Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut. 252 more words

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Typhoon Ahoy!!

Today Wednesday July 23, 2014 we have our first typhoon day!  It is much like a snow day except you DO NOT want to go out and play in it.   263 more words

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Home is Where You Make It

From what I have read from my fellow trip-mates, there has not been much light shed upon our living quarters.  Today is one of our few slow days, so why not enlighten you of this new place we call home as I work on a bit of homework we have from our lăoshī (teacher).   475 more words

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Those We Meet on This Journey We Call Life

When I originally prepared for this trip I knew that I would meet many new people, especially those from Taiwan.  What I did not know, is that within our group I would meet new people as well.   614 more words

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Peace in Taiwan

Wanderlust.  It is what brings many of us together.  Some people have the insatiable thirst to travel, to see new things, to experience them with all of their senses, and at the end of the day only a view that can be witnessed in person rather than from a National Geographic magazine can make a difference.   250 more words

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Getting to Know What Your Made of in Taiwan

Hey Ya’ll,

I’m back again to catch you up.

Looking back at this past week there is so much to share, from the hostels to the countryside, from the beaches to the clubs in Kenting. 606 more words

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Day to Day Life for a Countryside Traveler in Taiwan

Hey Everybody!

It has been a long week that was riddled with many obstacles to overcome, one being reliable internet connection to do blog posts and keep everyone updated.   896 more words

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