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ASG Election Results

ASG elections polls closed April 2 and the results are out.
You just heard the announcement of the new student body president and vice president for the 2014-2015 school year. 177 more words


Ballot box a bust at RCC

Riverside Community College district is buzzing with the activity of election season: or it isn’t. Sure, it’s election season and the Associated Students of Riverside City College are prepping for the work they have to do and the… 689 more words


The African and Caribbean Society: What’s the point?

As the elections for the 2014/15 ACS committee commences, the most asked questions that pops into the minds of the diversity community of Brunel University, is what is the point of having yet another minority group society? 762 more words


Why I didn't lose the elections (or what I learnt from running)

The past month or so I have been preparing for the Student Union elections which I was running in, culminating last week in voting week. I had originally planned to still write a post, but in between being out from 8am every day, walking around campus talking to students to try and gain their vote, and not getting to bed most nights until 1/2am as I was preparing things for the next day, it just didn’t happen. 872 more words

Personal Posts

Governor signs state Dream Act

By Wilson Criscione

On Feb. 26, Gov. Jay Inslee signed Washington state’s version of the Dream Act, which will allow undocumented immigrants to receive the state need grants they need to pay for college. 670 more words


Breaking down the slates

Awkward puns, cheesy mugshots, and a catastrophic failure to exhibit anything amounting to basic design skills are all symptomatic of the burgeoning political infection spreading across campus; into every crack, crevice and letterbox. 1,716 more words