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BC in the news. Let's pack Memorial Stadium today!

Bakersfield College on the Chancellor’s website:

There are so many great opportunities to get Bakersfield College out on a statewide basis, and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office uses their website as a vehicle to put out information on all of the colleges in the state. 235 more words

SGA rebuttal to “The unfortunately realistic decline of the SGA”

by Justus Bell

Contributing Writer

Editor’s Note: On October 15, the Purple published an op-ed entitled “The unfortunately realistic decline of the SGA” by Junior Editor Page Forrest. 485 more words


(Sometimes) Monthly ARC Board Meeting Update

The ARC board updated their blog today after their October board meeting. There are heaps of updates that if you’re interested in ARC, you should check out. 216 more words


ARC Elections - Post Four, Tharunka Fails Students

We’re going to keep this post short, since ARC did not deliver the election results today, Tuesday, the 28th of October. According to both Activate and Voice student government parties, election results were supposed to be released today, after voting ended on Friday, the 24th of October. 136 more words


ARC Elections – Post Three

The elections are over and the results come are expected to come in Tuesday. According to both campaigns, it was the most highly contested elections in UNSW history. 154 more words


ARC Elections – Post Two

ARC elections continued on Thursday. If you could not tell, you probably were not on campus – because it would be awfully difficult to find out what is going on without being in the middle of it all. 117 more words