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Some useful reflections on the Flipped classroom

Math professor and Chronicle blogger (Casting Out Nines) Robert Talbert had some great reflections on the concept of the Flipped Classroom in his post - 91 more words

Student Engagement

Accountability to Students & Families

I could not be prouder of my role at BES.  I am accountable to my students as an academic leader who supports their teachers in best practice and tiered, appropriate instruction.   311 more words

Liberal Education, Effective Citizenry and "Democracy's College" Graduate

You can’t be involved in Community College education without running into the external scrutiny that often comes with a new proposed solution to the challenges of teaching such a diverse group of students crossing the thresholds of our campuses. 534 more words

Student Engagement

Teaching Assistants: Teachers in Training

Serving as a graduate Teaching Assistant or “TA” provides graduate students with opportunities to experience and learn what it is like to teach. The role of the TA often depends on her/his subject matter expertise for the course. 325 more words

Teaching New Concepts

Internship - Planning for Instruction

Cite the Standard:

P – Practice effective teaching: inquiry, planning, instruction & assessment.

To demonstrate a positive impact on student learning, teacher-candidates…

P1 – Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction. 426 more words

Differentiated Instruction

Problem Solving as a Constant

As quite the fan of all things math related, it has always been a struggle for me to understand and empathize with those who struggle with and absolutely despise math.And I have definitely been around many people who share the anti-math sentiment. 975 more words

EMath 200

Can Digital Media Make Us Smarter?

Mind Amplifier: Can Our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter? by Howard Rheingold (2012) is an interesting read that begins with the question, “What if we could mindfully design and use digital media to make us smarter?” (Kindle Location 17). 349 more words