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Getting Over Demons for Academic Success Questions

The Getting Over Your Demons Lifestyle

  1. List three past issues you had to learn from. What did you learn about each one?
  2. What are you dealing with now that needs to be left in the past?
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Fact Checker: Decile is not Destiny - QPEC

As we look into the evidence on this one, let’s be clear on one point right from the start: let’s understand the difference between “destiny” and “probability”.   671 more words


The Bar is Rising for All Students: Overcoming Terminal Uniqueness

Recently, my colleague Dr. Melissa Matarazzo sat down in front of the cameras with Progress and Promise‘s editor-in-chief, Shannon Nickinson, and Quint Studer, founder of… 709 more words

Who's Engaged?

How to succeed at calculus, and why it is worth it!

This post is intended to help the student who is willing to put time and effort into succeeding in a college calculus class.

Part One: How to Study… 1,101 more words


Can we move our students from consumers to realistic achievers?

The scenario is a painfully familiar one…

For the last two decades the scholarly study of “academic entitlement” and its relationship to the higher education experience has yielded some important insights. 1,166 more words

Teaching Tips: The Classroom

Learners in Context Post-Course Meta-Reflection

[1] The Learners in Context course focused on two principals of HOPE, E1 — Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice and H1 — Honor student diversity and development. 673 more words

H - Honor Student Diversity, Development And Their Right To Learn