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The choose-your-own-projects Project

At the end of each unit of their book, my students do a group project. I find that projects are a great way for them to collaborate, create, and show off what they have learned from the unit. 523 more words


M4 Reflection: Cognitive Development to Assist Student Learning

Modern educators have the duty to use cognitive research surrounding student learning in their classrooms. After reading “Brain Rules,” (Medina, 2008) chapters about short and long term memory, researches have clarified many tools educators can use to help student retain information. 344 more words

H - Honor Student Diversity, Development And Their Right To Learn

The More you Learn, the More There is to Learn

In the article Principled Practical Knowledge, Bereiter brought forth a new theory in the learning sciences that I was unfamiliar with. He challenged readers to think about the “why” in the things we do. 635 more words

Career Long Learners

Your Brain is Amazing!

All I can say is, “Thankfully we are developing a deeper understanding of how we learn.”

Once upon  a time I lived in a world of the fixed mindset¹ and likely you did too. 367 more words

Professional Learning

Conceptual Changes Needed

Before we began our shadow measuring experiment, I had the students predict when their shadows would be the biggest throughout the day. The predictions were fairly evenly split between morning, afternoon, and evening. 650 more words

Student Learning

Module 4 - Note Taking

The readings this week focused on teaching students how to summarize and strategies on note taking. Both of these skills are important in supporting student learning. 433 more words

EDU6978: STEM Education Research-Reflective Post 1

As early back as I can remember, I was told, if you want to know, you need to ask. Because of this, I navigate the world through a series of questions and answers, which usually yields many more questions. 565 more words

Student Learning