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Scorers and Timers

by Divya Talwar, Grade 12

Have you ever, in your entire high school career, watched a sports game at Windermere Secondary School? Whether it be basketball or volleyball, chances are that you caught a glimpse of a game at least once. 360 more words

Student Life

"Hey Tranny!"

“Hey Tranny!” My friend called out to me from across the hall. “Why are you looking at me like that? You are one, aren’t you Lyri?” 802 more words

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White Poppy Campaign

Kathryn and I did a project regarding the white poppy campaign. Kathryn and I decided that it was best to go around the school and try to sell these poppies. 197 more words

Student Life

WCP Art 101

by Kathryn Tan, Grade 12

It is said that everyone is talented in something, whether it be athletics, dancing, math, or many other skills. Throughout my high school career, I have been told that my “talent” is art. 375 more words


Free the Children

by Viktoria Skaper, Grade 12

Free the Children is a club at Windermere that encourages change and support in our community. This club was inspired by the Co-Founders of Free the Children and WE Day – Craig and Marc Kielburger. 159 more words

Student Life

A week in the life of a Glendonite

Have you ever wondered what a typical week at Glendon looks like?  I made a video to tell you all about it.  York Lions Basketball, GCSU, Galerie Glendon and much more.   14 more words

Student Life

Bronte Memorabilia: fascination or fixation?

For my final term at university I’m reading every Literature student’s favourite sisters: the Brontes.   Their novels, handed to me first by my mother and then my teachers, told me I would fall in love with Heathcliff and wish I were plain Jane Eyre. 398 more words

Student Life