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Clark Howard: Refinance student loans at a lower rate

The private student loan market is opening up with the first real chance of offering refinances, or consolidation as it’s commonly called, that I’ve seen in about 10 years. 316 more words

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Parents' Student Loans

Parents Can Be At Risk When Filling A Federal Student Aid Gap

Parents who take out loans to help their kids pay growing student tuitions may end up in financial straits, with debts growing quickly with each student. 161 more words


Mounting Debt Makes Law School a Gamble But Students Continue to Enroll

It is a risky proposition getting a graduate degree in the humanities these days, what with the prospect of crippling debt and high unemployment rates. But enrolling in a law program is among the riskiest of all. 1,369 more words

CFPB: Student Loan Debt Holding Back Homeownership, Economy

The burden of student loan debt is preventing potential home buyers from starting households, which in turn is hindering overall economic growth, according to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( 691 more words

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Home Ownership & Student Loan Debt: How They're Connected

Applying for a mortgage loan is akin to putting all of your financial cards on the table. Because the amount being borrowed is so high (in most cases), lenders will scrutinize all of your money decisions with a fine tooth comb. 568 more words

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Total Paid: $0.00 Total Student Debt: $65,237.00

September 22, 2014

I am 26 years old and I presently owe $65,237 in student debt after going to undergraduate and graduate school in Boston, MA and Baltimore, MD. 173 more words