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4 Mind Boggling Gen Y Stats!

  1. Unemployment rate between 18-29 year olds is almost 16% - what degrees are we choosing?
  2. 14% of 24-34 years old are living at home with their parents – create a budget, start planning!
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I Hate You Sallie Mae: The Rant of a Frustrated Millennial

Sallie Mae is a filthy whore! No, I’m not even kidding she’s a whore and she’s ruining my life. I need to talk about this, is anyone listening?!  1,038 more words


Student Loans with Secret Clause Damages Credit

Did you know your student loan could be hiding a clause that can damage student credit and put your education at risk? Many private lenders have a clause seeking full repayment of the loan if the co-signer of the loan dies or files bankruptcy–even when payments on the loan are still made on time. 98 more words

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Day #15: O is for Onerous

Dictionary.com defines “onerous” as “burdensome, oppressive, or troublesome; causing hardship”.

One of the most onerous burdens for many people today is overwhelming student loan debt. Quite often it seemed very reasonable to borrow the money at the time, and the repayment felt very affordable. 197 more words

A-Z Challenge

Tuition.io Picks Up A New Investor, As It Manages Over $1 Billion In Student Loans

In the year since its launch, Tuition.io, the company billing itself as the Mint.com for managing student loans, has grown to manage over $1 billion in loans.  519 more words


Why Brooklyn Law cut its tuition

The law school recently cut its sticker price by 15%. Dean Nicholas Allard explains the school’s rationale.

(TippingTheScales) — When Brooklyn Law School announced earlier this month that it would cut tuition by 15%, it sounded less like a briefing and more like a battle cry. 1,074 more words


Student Loans - Is the Degree Worth It?

I graduated with an MFA in creative writing nearly ten years ago. When I left, I didn’t realize how much student loan debt would become a part of my life. 803 more words