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Tuition gives me nightmares

I have always been someone who is cautious of spending and managing personal finances. I mentioned this is in a previous post, where with most purchases I make, I contemplate in my head its purpose and weigh the need versus the want. 717 more words


Long Island students graduating with $25,000 in college loans

by Dana Gibbs and Katherine Falcon

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Students at colleges across Long Island will graduate in the spring of 2015 with an estimated $25,000 in student loan debt, according to the  418 more words


What is the "Root Cause" of College Debt?

by Prof. Mark Werwath

The College Debt Crisis is old news–old, but still relevant. The current amount of college debt in the United States is now over $1 trillion dollars. 355 more words


As the World Turns

So I’ve started getting into the habit of just talking like I’ve already accepted the offer to TFA, but the problem is that every time I say to someone, “I’m going to do Teach for America,” or “When I go to Institute in the summer…,” I get scared shitless. 395 more words


Eliminate Student Debt In Months, Not Years

Student Loan Debt Is Out Of Control!

  Student loan debt is growing at an alarming rate.  A study by the New York Federal Reserve shows Americans owe almost $1 trillion toward education-related loans, which works out to about $25,000 per borrower. 181 more words

Student Loan Debt

Cure For Student Loan Debt: Higher Education Price Control

Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. secretary of state and prospective 2016 presidential candidate, gave a speech this week in which she expressed sympathy for recent college grads straining under the financial burden of student loan debt. 633 more words

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“Go to school, get a great job, get married, buy a house, start a family, get some cats, save for retirement” — not so fast, those days may well be long gone for many, less a financially fortunate few. 1,176 more words

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