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How not to be a lawyer

Bob Collins Oct 2, 2014

“I assumed the more education, the higher salary,” Lisa S. — we don’t know her real name — tells Forbes.com. “I was aware that with a master’s degree, in certain jobs you can get a higher pay grade, and that you’d be eligible for more jobs, even with just teaching.” 451 more words

Student Loans

Day 11 - Slow Start

Just wanted to give a quick update on how I’m doing. Soooo I definitely need to work on this budgeting thing. I think I royally blew my budget this month. 465 more words


The $1k Barrier

A thousand bucks is a lot of money. It’s a loan payment, an emergency fund, a disaster. Regardless of your perspective, it’s still a chunk of change, and nothing to sneeze at. 172 more words


MARK CUBAN FOR PRESIDENT! His answer to saving our sad Economic issues.

Anyone who knows me knows that next to SCANDAL, I am a fan of Shark Tank. The opportunity to get in front of real investors and pitch the “next big thing” is REAL TV. 516 more words


Insight to Student Loans

Education is expensive. Gone are the days when having a mere schooling or undergraduate degree was enough to find a decent job. In today’s highly competitive world everyone opts to study further. 443 more words

Student Loans

The scariest place I've ever been

I’ve recently noticed that the few hours of my day that aren’t spent in a daydream are spent in fear of growing debt. I often try to get sympathy from loved ones regarding my financial situation, but maybe I’m being too subtle. 1,747 more words

Afraid that You Haven't Saved Enough for College...Read This Column

Ron Lieber of the NYT provides some ideas for families fearful that their children are being priced out or forced to borrow a king’s ransom in order to obtain that college degree. 936 more words

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