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Other countries who are getting financial support for students right

Sure there’s support for students here in Australia. HECS allows us to defer paying for tuition, and students who qualify can get financial support. Clearly the government has realised that it’s difficult financial to be a student – they’re just getting a few things wrong, like the assumption that we all have parents able to buy our textbooks for us, and that we should all get jobs even if that takes away time from studying. 712 more words

Textbooks On HECS

Student Loans

Can I get rid of student loans in bankruptcy? Many people are under the mistaken impression that student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy. The truth is they can under certain circumstances.

Student Loans

Student loans Never Ends

Today student dept. tend be extremely high. People all over the world owe thousand of dollars for attending college. My brother for example did not atend a actual university. 292 more words


On Student Loans and Dreams Deferred

Most of us who attend college these days have to take out student loans and then spend years mired in debt, trying to pay off the costs of their education.  1,933 more words


Basics of the Budget

The first few weeks of school are pretty damn exciting. There’s welcoming events, moving, meeting new people, new classes, and, for a growing number of students these days, a giant student loan deposit in the bank. 1,339 more words


Scholarship Games Part 1

Even though I have already been through this process with our daughter, I feel like I can’t just give up all hope of my son getting a scholarship.  475 more words


Returning to School After a Long Break

So despite all my bitching about school and student loans, I’ve returned to school this fall. I’m getting my master’s in Library and Information Science. 491 more words