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Student Loans

Student Loans. Just those two words make me want to vomit. As a soon-to-be sophomore in college, I am already at least $20,000 in debt. Ridiculous. 306 more words

Debt Collections

I have a question for you. What percentage of adults in America would you guess have debts and unpaid bills in collection? 10 percent? 15 percent? 229 more words

Thoughts From Howard

Redlands Family Owes $200K In Student Loans After Daughter's Death

REDLANDS (CBSLA.com) — When 27-year-old Lisa Mason lost her battle with liver cancer in 2009, her three young children became the responsibility of her parents — along with a tremendous student loan debt. 229 more words


Edubucks: A Tool for Managing the Exorbitant Cost of Higher Education

Even though it’s only July and the days are still long and hot ,made for staying up late and sleeping in, school supplies are out. They’re not only out they’re… 1,044 more words

Other. Like Non-crochet Or Sewing Stuff?? Yes, Other!

Damn National's cuts to our education system, says Paula Bennett

So, two things come to mind when I see this pic:

1. Be careful what you say in public as hypocrisy is not a good look. 51 more words


A Step In Any Direction...

I’ve had a number of personal blogs over the years on WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr but I usually abandon them at some point. Maybe because I post them all over the web and then realize I don’t really want everyone to see my deep thoughts on everything. 208 more words


How biweekly student loan payments can help you in the long run.

Most student loans require monthly payments. That’s not to say that you can’t make payments more frequently than that; it just means that at the very least, you must pay off part of your balance once per month. 188 more words

Student Loans