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Testimony Tuesdays: Eric

I grew up in the Catholic Church and have been going to mass regularly my whole life. I received the sacraments at the proper age but throughout middle school and high school my faith was just another department of my life, like school or sports or friends. 252 more words

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Testimony Tuesdays: Awakening Reflections

On the weekend of March 28th, over 60 college students embarked on a life-changing retreat known as Bear Awakening. There is a long-standing tradition when it come to Awakening retreats, and this year marked the 12th Awakening retreat for St. 1,175 more words

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Testimony Tuesdays: Kelsey

As a child, I loved reading about saints’ lives.  I’d plop on the floor, grab a book, and flip through it skipping past the nuns and priests because they were “boring” and going straight to the really exciting stories about virgin martyrs.  937 more words

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Student Post: Embracing the Golden Age of Publishing

by Rosalba Ugliuzza 

We are currently in the “Golden Age” of publishing. With the inventions and popular sales of tablets, apps, and mobile devices, this “Golden Age” is more than just holding the power of a red pen in your hand. 311 more words

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Testimony Tuesdays: Isy

I am Isy Pérez. I am a fifth quarter law student. I am someone who enjoys saying “I am.” I graduated from a small Jesuit university in Kansas City, MO by the name of Rockhurst University. 513 more words

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Testimony Tuesdays: Chelsea

Hi. I’m Chelsea. I like hugs, donuts on Sundays after mass, laughing, and telling stories. I’m a social work major, born and raised in WACO Texas, and I’ll be graduating this May. 727 more words

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Testimony Tuesdays: Andrew

Why hello there!  My name is Andrew Ferrara and I’m a junior from Saint Louis, Missouri.  I’ve never been too great at telling my story, so bear with me. 1,335 more words

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