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Type Specimens

A bit of a last minute post but I just stumbled upon these pictures and had to post them! Earlier in the semester, my type class attended an event at the Type Director’s Club. 68 more words


Process&Skills The Substructure of All

Clear enough, the experience in Process&Skills with Professor Gruda and talented classmates was a substructure of everything. Due to my situation I was taking this Process&Skills and other advanced classes in this semester. 105 more words

Graphic Design

General Assembly West: Transforming Thinkers Into Creators

In Interactive Web Design class, we went on a field trip to General Assembly West located at 10 East 21st Street.


General Assembly is an educational institution that offers programing, coding, over all digital skills. 179 more words

Student Post

Self Portrait Poster

Well, I know we were supposed to post these posters at the beginning of the semester, but I’d like to point out that it’s already a bit of a challenge to present a (in some cases, poster-size) picture of yourself in front of a classroom where the majority of the people are strangers and then talk about how it’s art. 179 more words

Graphic Design

Salivating Love: A Photo Essay

For my photo essay I cooked a special meal for my girlfriend. Then I added copy from some of William Shakespeare’s plays and poetry: “Julius Caesar”, “Sonnet 130″, and “Troilus and Cressida.” The typeface I used was Cooper Black. Enjoy!

Graphic Design


My bottle project from start to finish:

Graphic Design

Art Book Project - Danning Tang

Hey Everyone,

This is my project for Art Book. My concept is using a box to represent my dreams. I had a lot of weird dreams and I started to paint them since last year. 135 more words

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