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What is the Sunflower movement in Taiwan?

It occurred to me I haven’t posted for a while, so I’m going to get back to the habit. In light of recent news, I have decided to cover the student movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 906 more words

Hong Kong - The Stand

Politics is a difficult and sensitive thing to talk about, especially in public where you get all kinds of opinions from different people, some students might not show concern in such things as politics or ‘waste’ the time to go out and protest as they think it’s useless, and some also try to avoid talking about politics, but I just want to let them know that, we can’t hide from politics, becaue you know why? 267 more words

What She Carried

Forget, disappear:
No.  I will not pretend.  Help
me carry this weight.

Emma Sulkowicz is carrying a mattress with her everywhere she goes on the grounds of Columbia University as a protest against sexual assault on campus.  18 more words


26.9.2014 - Words from Protester in HK Government Complex Square

I just wish the words from Hong Konger, who was in the HK Government Complex Square can spread as far and fast as it can. International attention on HK is needed now. 787 more words

Terry Norman Remains a Key 'Person of Interest' in the Kent State Massacre

September 24, 2014 from Mendocino
We are proud to release the May 5, 1975 Deposition of Terry Norman, a Kent State University student who was also working for the FBI as an Informant and Provocateur at the time of the shootings in the May 4, 1970 Kent State Massacre. 123 more words


Sister of Slain Kent State Protestor Issues Statement Responding to Urban Outfitters’ Blood Splattered Sweatshirt Stunt

Originally published at The Sparrow Report

On Monday, September 15, 2014, in a crass marketing exercise — shoddily enveloped in deniability — Urban Outfitters made available on their website, a sweatshirt, with a Kent State University insignia, appearing to be tattered and blood splattered. 498 more words


From Jadavpur to Everywhere #Hokkolorob - Let There be Clamour

More then one hundred thousand students and their friends (according to Kolkata Police estimates) defied the rain to walk in protest yesterday against the assault on Jadavpur University by Kolkata Police, backed by an insensitive University Vice Chancellor and a cynical State Government. 1,578 more words