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Student Recruitment Online Coffee Break!

Recruiting students requires the ability to adapt. Go where the students are… online!

All through out September, we will be hosting special online sessions about… 155 more words

Student Recruitment

Meet Web2Present founders at The EAIE Conference in Prague

In September 2014, the EAIE is heading to the center of Europe, to Prague for its 26th Annual EAIE Conference. The theme is ‘Stepping into a new era’, marking the significant transformations of the international education field. 126 more words

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How admissions officers are using Facebook to recruit prospective students

Did you know that today around 76% of admissions officers are using Facebook to learn more about their prospective students? If you are included in these 76%, you know what this blog post is about. 267 more words

Student Recruitment

Back to the past! student recruitment during the 70's and the 80's

As student recruiters we already know how challenging it is to recruit students these days, but the reality is that today we benefit from tools that we didn’t have before, allowing us to reach more students by applying even more creative ways. 327 more words

Student Recruitment

Preparing the perfect Student recruitment webinar


This infographic helps universities and business schools prepare for the ULTIMATE Student recruitment Webinar.

Student Recruitment

Ayplus Consulting

Ayplus Consulting has been around since 2008. We are a company based in Kyrenia North Cyprus, and our primary objectives have been to provide an optimal service for people looking at obtaining quality information, direction and assistance as a service in their day to day business ventures so that they may proceed in a more orderly and efficient fashion in order to reach their goals. 229 more words


Using webinars as a tool to recruit students for online courses

We already know that obtaining the first position in Google is not an easy task, but it is even less easier to make students go one step further: to request more information about your online courses. 401 more words

Student Recruitment