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"What Do You Want for Christmas?"

Have you found yourself asking your friends and family that question? We all want to give that perfect gift – the one that will bring joy and excitement to the faces of our loved ones. 243 more words

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Week 8- Revision Tips and PDPs

Unfortunately, this week I could not attend due to other commitments.

 However I did look on Moodle to catch up with the lecture notes. I found the presentation on revision techniques helpful and particularly liked the way it broke down revision tips for the night before etc. 185 more words

Week 7- Presentations

What makes a good presentation?

  • Audience
  • Content
  • Volume
  • Pace
  • Eye contact
  • Visual Aids

I have always found presentations quite nerve-wracking. I was already aware of how to construct the presentation and how to set out the slides therefore did not find these points as helpful, but I found any advice on communicating and suiting the audience useful. 124 more words

Week 6- Team Work

“work done by persons working as a team, i.e. with concerted effort” (Simpson, 2014).

Although I have worked as a part of a sports team, I find team-work in education quite difficult. 166 more words

Week 5- How to Harvard Reference

“The basic principle of referencing is to support and identify the evidence you use in your assignments. You direct readers of your work to the source of the evidence”. 212 more words

Week 4- Research Skills

During this week, I learnt the importance of research. Research is key to a successful assignment however, it can be quite daunting. I found the idea of starting research scary as it seems to be a big task or maze of information. 255 more words

12 Tips of Christmas: Tip 3

The Money Expert has analysed four years of deals, discounts and codes, and studied this year’s trends, to forecast 2014’s pre-Christmas offers. This allows you to plan when to pounce and bag your planned, affordable Christmas list bargains for less! 142 more words

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