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Otmar Alt, "Olympische Spiele München," 1972

Student Rachel Herzig wrote about this poster, a gift of former art history faculty member Nancy Wilkinson, for ART 3683: History of Twentieth Century Art. When I talked to Nancy about the piece, she told me that she had bought it to decorate her son’s bedroom when he was a child. 257 more words

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What Happens When Students Set Their Own Goals

About a month into last semester, I asked my students to evaluate their individual progress in our composition class and then compile a list of four writing goals that they want to accomplish by the end of the semester. 856 more words


Changing Every Day

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you  Changing Every Day, the brand-new writing collection from the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program and the NYU Gallatin Writing Program. 42 more words

Student Writing

2 of 2: Imogen Cunningham, "Self Portrait on Geary Street," 1958

Last week, “History of Twentieth Century Art” student Emily McLain introduced our 1958 self portrait by photographer Imogen Cunningham, suggesting some of the ways in which it diverged from the work for which she became renowned early in her career. 401 more words

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Alleviate the Unfamiliarity: Teaching the Research Process

So,  I’ve got a secret for you.

Once they learn how it’s done, most students don’t actually hate doing research.

They say they do – in the same way that I say I hate running. 1,094 more words

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Student Writing Deserves to Be Graded by Computers

There is now software that can grade student writing. It works like this: A bunch of students turn in essays, and humans grade a small, randomly selected sample. 473 more words

The Man Behind the Bricks: John G. Rangos

Sports and science are an unlikely combination, but at the John G. Rangos School of Health Sciences these two activities meet.

 Rangos, as it is mostly commonly referred to at Duquesne University, was once the gymnasium on campus. 465 more words