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Mike Larkin's "A Compendium of Selfie Reflections (For My Students)"

My colleague Mike Larkin is a triple threat:  engaging writer, intriguing thinker, and encouraging teacher.  He’s helping his students share their work publicly on his blog and anywhere else it might spread, and I’m hoping they end up with a bigger audience than they imagined. 149 more words


DigiLit Sunday: Poem Movies

Autumn is a wonderful season for writing poems. Donna Smith shared her Fall Poetry Zeno on her blog, Mainly Write, for Poetry Friday. Holly Mueller… 240 more words


The NYC Subway Has Its Own Flavor

Here’s another story from Changing Every Day about our beloved NYC subway system. When you’re finished reading, take the quiz to test your understanding!: 585 more words

Student Writing

Dear Ivan

Last year I read my class Katherine Applegate‘s The One and Only Ivan. We fell in love. Ivan’s words (via Katherine) and his story had such an impact. 841 more words

Picture Books

A Pool Of Sand

By Dabrianna Burley

To live is to die only to live,
behind a pool of sand.

No one know why,
but its not a time to cry. 102 more words

Student Writing

It's Time to Prioritize Content Over Form

It never fails to amaze me how obsessed we professors can be with the completely trivial – how we can be more concerned with quantity over quality, or how that obsession so often surfaces in our students. 608 more words

Student Writing


Most of you reading this will be somewhat accustomed to the bitter taste of regret, shame and misery that follows a particularly hard nights partying in one of steel cities many brilliant drinking holes and will have your own ways to abate the pain emanating for that not so sweet spot just behind your left temple without causing your stomach to expunge last night’s bad decision chicken donner, although let’s be honest, that’s probably worse for you than the booze so it might not be such a bad idea to get rid of it too whilst you’re at it. 1,431 more words