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My Student Style

I’ve been a little quiet recently, which i can only apologize for….. sorry.

It’s the easter holidays and i’ve been doing some work experience for My Student Style. 178 more words

Just a preface before the bombarding

I’ve been absent from my blog for almost a month now; I didn’t stop my writing all together, I merely could not find to time to tell a story.  96 more words


Poetry Anyone?

In honor of National Poetry Month, here’s a smattering of poems written by some of my fourth and fifth grade library students. Enjoy!

Spine Poem by Mason… 54 more words


Losing Guiuan by Bernice Abrenica

A shrill sound pierced through the door, jolting me awake from my deep sleep. I opened my eyes and sighed, agitated to be woken up all of a sudden. 1,255 more words


Art Werger, "On Shaky Ground," 1994

Students in Dr. Siddons’ “Art Since 1960” class had the chance this spring to write about a work of art from the OSUMA collection, featured in the exhibition, “Sharing a Journey.” The assignment entailed looking at a work of art for at least 45 minutes, and to write about their close-looking experience, followed by interpretation. 722 more words

Permanent Collection

I Used To Think... But Now I Know.

Tower’s fifth grade writing students recalled a few misunderstandings they had when they were younger. In this assignment entitled, I Used To Think…But Now I Know… 549 more words


Deviance and Social Control by Alexus Parker

In chapter 11, the readers delves into the world of deviance and social norms. Deviance is every type of behavior that isn’t considered the social norm, for example: prostituting, necromancy,pedohpilia, and more. 244 more words