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Writing by Jett and Dustin

Dustin and Jett created this story collaboratively.  Please enjoy!


By Jett and Dustin

One day in the house Joe and Joey were playing with Waffles. 119 more words

Student Writing

Dialogue Assignment by Tea

“Nat, what are you doing here?” she asked in a harsh whisper.

“Look, I need your help—” I started, walking inside, but she interrupted.

“No! You need to get out right now; the fact that I let you set foot in here is bad enough but if they found out I—” 320 more words

Student Writing

Humanity Underground Part 3 by Alex B.

The rest of my time spent in the military I trained the others the best I could though no-one would spar with me out of fear that I would injure them. 2,006 more words

Student Writing

"This piece shows the lusty side of the 1600th century."

You know what he meant: the 17th century. Or possibly the 16th century. I’ve written before about the trouble students have keeping the ordinals straight when referring to (notice how I resisted writing “referencing”?) centuries, and perhaps this student was trying to avoid making a mistake by making the actual date ordinal. 303 more words

Student Writing

Story by Caitlyn

“Musume,” He said. “You’re smiling. I’m so happy. My musume is smiling.”

“Yes chichi,” I said. A single tear slide down my face. This may be the first time in over three weeks I had seen such a genuine smile on his face. 550 more words

Student Writing

"Phillis reverences Cain in line 7."

Reading extensively in an author’s works, or even with deep involvement reading a single work by an author, can lead us to feel an intimacy with the writer that is almost like a personal relationship, albeit one-sided in that only the reader is… 1,278 more words

Student Writing