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Two-Voice Poem: The Killer and the Heart

By Jocelyn and Elizabeth, Class of 2019

Crazy Man (Killer) Both Heart 29 more words
Creative Writing

Two-Voice Poem: My Rendition of the Tell-Tale Heart

By Justin, Class of 2019


Crazy Man Both Cop “The body is gone and I’m free.” Knock, knock. Who is that at the door this late? 133 more words

Creative Writing

Exsistance by Logan

I exsist
Nothing more
I merely breathe and respond to others around me
With no feeling
Am I really there?
Am I nothing?
What is my purpose? 160 more words

Student Writing

Write Silent, Write Deep by Timothy Hillmer

I’m eight again, and it’s late on a Saturday night, and I’m home watching a favorite adventure movie on TV, one where the brave submarine captain takes his intrepid crew on a perilous journey into the unexplored depths of the ocean. 2,355 more words


One the Go with FLVS

Check out the new blog post on FLVS’s Virtual Voice. Our own Hannah Oliver wrote about some of the apps available from the school.

Way to go Hannah!

Student Writing

Reflection: Raymond’s Run

By Brooke, Class of 2019

Have you heard the saying “ what we see in ourselves can help us  learn to  respect others?” In “ Raymond’s Run” Squeaky’s revelation about the talents of the other individuals in the story help to mold her opinion and form a mutual respect for her brother, Raymond  and her new found friend, Gretchen. 268 more words

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