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Parent seeks harsher penalties

RICEVILLE, Iowa – The teacher-student relationship is one of the most valued in our country and that’s why one parent is looking for harsher penalties for a teacher who allegedly took the relationship way too far. 338 more words


My first post from Paris!

I’ve arrived!!!! It currently feels pretty surreal that I’m sitting on my bed, in Paris, writing a blog… After a pretty nervous last few days en Angleterre, this morning I finally managed to squeeze my suitcase shut and get out the door (about an hour earlier than necessary in classic nervy Kim style) to start my journey to France for my year abroad. 334 more words


Foodie Fridays

Recently, I’ve been mildly obsessed with student cookbooks that are popping up on my Pinterest feed.  My cooking abilities range from easy mac to turkey burgers and pasta carbonara (I channel my inner Gordon Ramsey for that one).  267 more words


Exhaustion lingers and progress is prohibited.

This was meant to be uploaded yesterday so apologies for the delay. I have only just realised that I forgot to press publish. I have not changed the ‘todays’ to ‘yesterdays’ so I also apologise for that too. 833 more words


Will they take me seriously as an English Lit student?

Everyone say masha’Allah (or alhamdulillah……….as I’m a retake) because I got into university this year, I don’t know how. Hit me up if you’re going to Surrey and you’re a girl, at my email on my about page (old school I know, but I’m not about to post my number on here). 805 more words


Contact and Coffee.


I went out to lunch with my sister, mum and nan. It was pretty fun and, hey, free food is always good.
I got to listen to Collabro’s album in the car and if you haven’t heard it or bought it already then just do it now. 167 more words


#8 Family

I’ve been spending some time with my family in Lincoln before I go away to university and it got me thinking about how important family is. 185 more words