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When exercise becomes excessive

It is such a great feeling after you have just gotten back from the gym, feeling the benefits of a hard work out and you pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 557 more words

Drama students learn about "Love & Information"

‘Someone sneezes. Someone can’t get a signal. Someone shares a secret. Someone won’t answer the door. Someone put an elephant on the stairs. Someone’s not ready to talk. 440 more words


Descriptive Drawing Midterm-WIP

Here is another WIP shot to make up for the posting I missed last week. Each tube of paint that I’m rendering with graphite is seriously taking me about an hour to complete. 12 more words

Okay; officially an UNIVERSITY STUDENT

Well. Well. It’s safe to say now that I’ve passed my first semester(? I kinda get confused about if its semester or term). ANYWAYS, I finished it and now its just waiting for the results y’know. 150 more words

Personal ♥

First Encounter- Fly Spray and a Boot.

Ok so I have finished all my essays and just need to hand in my final one, but I decided to write this post first to avoid losing the computer! 750 more words

Štúdium v Anglicku : Bežný deň - Časť II.

toto je pokračovanie článku Štúdium v Anglicku : Bežný deň – Časť I.

1:00 pm – Cŕŕŕŕn. Tak toto už našťastie nemusím počúvať. Žiadne zvuky predstavujúce ultimátny koniec, slastné hurá alebo naše komunistické, obľúbené : hodina skončí až keď skončím ja! 946 more words