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Life As A Starving Student

I just signed the lease for my first apartment and shit is getting real! I drained my bank account paying for the rent and the items for my apartment. 359 more words


Excitement and.. Disappointment?

Today I received my second year timetable, exciting right? But guess what, it’s awful…
Okay the timetable itself is totally fine, plenty of time off… 119 more words


This has been bothering me...

On my way home from helping with registration, I saw Dan walking away from an apartment complex.  My immediate reaction was to call out his name and make a sharp left into the complex (thankfully, there was no traffic). 440 more words

The Crumpett Files

Most people don't stop

Happy August! Cannot believe summer is coming to a close, but I love fall, so bring it on!

Earlier this summer I was driving home from work absolutely exhausted after a day of dealing with patients, their families, the nurses, the doctors, and anyone else making an appearance throughout the day at the hospital. 566 more words

That time I got stuck in Switzerland

Hi. I really, really wanted to write about happy things like Venice and Florence with my sister, spending my last week in Rome, or traveling to Budapest with Michelle. 1,333 more words

Home is where your heart is set in stone

So, I’ve moved house… again.

Back to bills, cleaning, gardening and monitoring the heating. However, on the plus side I can do my laundry without walking half a mile and making 3 trips. 509 more words

Day 7: Journalism Work Experience (at a local paper)

Monday is the beginning of my second Journalism work experience placement, so it only seems fitting to recap on my first placement in preparation.

I spent a 5 day week working at my local newspaper. 948 more words

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