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Teacher trainees’ results missing

The 2013 examination results of three teacher trainees of the Akrokeri College of Education cannot be traced, though other candidates’ results had been released by the University of Cape Coast (UCC).

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Counting Days

Well, it’s officially over. All the classes and exams =). What I am doing everyday is completing trip missions, finishing up project, (should) start doing the business plan, farewell-ing with friends that are heading back for good, and.. 19 more words

Daily Life

International students prefer the best host family every time

Every international student in the USA now feels homeland because of the most exceptional facilities and very good support every time. Many people all through Asia now contact AIEP (Apex International Education Partners) to know the best educational opportunities in the leading schools and colleges here. 356 more words


Getting Started

I unlock my classroom door, and as always, the papers I didn’t finish grading the day before greet me. And as usual, I jog down the hall to make photo copies and my daily battle with my arch nemesis the copy machine ensues, as it devours and single handedly destroys my main copy, and then screams and beeps at me to fix the damage it has done. 292 more words



Sometime in the past, I have used this blog to write about a course that I have been teaching in research methodology. I have taught it to both the Bachelor level classes here and the Archbishop has suggested that he would like a lot of other church leaders to take the course.. 493 more words


How to go on a Field Trip!

It’s the day that every student waits for: field trip day.

Little do they know, however, that teachers also await such days with great anticipation. Nothing could be more pleasing than being outside, learning something that isn’t your standard faire. 1,014 more words

More St. Charles Academy

In Chapter 3 of St. Charles Academy, Elsy reveals a little more about Savannah. She also introduces Daniel, who seems really helpful and friendly, even if he is slightly… furry. 

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