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Which campus boasts Georgia's smartest students based on test scores? Georgia Tech.

We can debate the value of a ranking that determines which colleges are the “smartest in America”  based on their student SAT and ACT scores, or we can celebrate how many Georgia campuses make the cut. 340 more words


How to Write about Theatre by @MarkfFisher #Bloomsbury

What a very neat idea and not before time, says she who wrote many theatre reviews for her original R&V website without any advice, merely instinct! 494 more words


Sturm und Drang

The Coming Storm by Paul Russell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am amazed at how topical and incendiary this novel remains 15 years after its publication in 1999. 728 more words

What tests can't be refused? Why can't district opt out of all tests? and 5 pages of Q and As

Ten diagnostic tests, from second grade reading and writing to high school algebra, geometry and U.S. History, have been deleted from this year’s battery of exams… 459 more words


Flying Never Felt So Cheap, Traveling Made Easy

Students are you seeking a new alternative to save some money when purchasing airline tickets or  purchasing vacation packages? Well, guess what? I have found a solution to your problems. 201 more words


Throwback Thursday - Book Brigade

Throwback Thursday

Summer of 1973

Book Brigade

In the summer of 1973, Albion was preparing for the move into a brand new high school. The class of 1974 was preparing to mark history by being the very first graduating class from that new high school. 115 more words


A Look Inside LCC: More Work With Images

50 Years of Illustration Gallery at London College of Communication

Staircase of Students at London College of Communication

Newspaper Clipping in the Media Block at LCC

Editorial Practice 3