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Students Involved in Pumpkin Festival Riots May Be Expelled

New Hampshire’s Keene State College will take serious action against students who participated in recent riots, and may even expel some, according to a statement… 167 more words

Jello Brain

Today was midterm studying day but of course that’s when my brain starts desperately looking for other things to occupy itself with…..

This is my motto of late. 213 more words


7/11: It's Finally Here.

A bunch of new businesses are opening up in Chestertown and students of Washington College couldn’t be more excited. The newest place to open is the 7/11 convenient store on Washington Ave. 147 more words

Dodgeball: The Embattled Sport

What many people used to consider a simple gym class game in dodgeball, many school systems are now turning their back on. Administrators, teachers, and all sorts of faculty members view the game as a way of kids separating each the “strong” from the “weak.” They believe that when the kids line up and play that the best players immediately go for the weakest kids on the court in order to demoralize them. 331 more words



Groans inevitably echoed through my classroom whenever I announced that we would be embarking on a novel study and the subsequent book report. Images of those tedious pages of the same ol’ generic report I had as a student spurred me on to search for new ways to handle this age-old project. 248 more words


Wk 8 - Classmate Interview - Panos Getekian

Finally a swimmer! Yes ladies and gentleman, I have found the one and only other swimmer from the Valley, and his name is Panos! Well to be honest he is more of a water polo player than a swimmer but it still counts! 335 more words

Art 110

Prices Rising at Camden County College, Blackwood

Carolyn Carpino, News Writing and Reporting class

PRICES.CARPINO: Prices on things such as food and items in the bookstore have risen at Camden County College. Students who must pay the prices and managers who set the prices weigh in on the matter. 397 more words

Campus Life