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Is Stress Causing Your Headache?

Whether it’s all over tension headaches or localized migraines, when you experience more stress, studies have suggested that you will also suffer more and more frequent headaches. 133 more words


But You're So Smart

But You’re So Smart

One sweltering hot August night, Aaron and I were up at his brother’s house. We were all sitting outside in their West Virginia garage drinking, and listening music with my sister -in-law, her brother and his wife, and my mother-in-law. 1,158 more words

Sometimes I wish I was Hermione Granger

My classes for the summer ends the 15th of August. That is like just seconds from now! So yeah I could for sure use some of Hermione’s passion and determination for her studies. 6 more words

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Why do you think you use the media in the ways you do?

Because I find it a source of entertainment, (TV and radio) or way of learning (the computers or whatever at school).