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My life in China is like...// La meua vida a la Xina és com...

A new exchange period full of diferent kinds of food, homesick people, hard classes, awesome classmates, friends in the hall, friends in other cities, very expensie cheese,wonderful pictures and vídeos, load of emotions, laughs, dancing (zumbazumba zumba!), another era of studying abroad but a bit diferent regarding stuying efforts. 119 more words

Dia A Dia / Daily Life

EOY Results

Not the most spectacular results out there but I’m satisfied :’)

It honestly hasn’t been an easy ride, there are many times I doubted myself and felt that I don’t belong anywhere- because I can’t do sciences and if triple humanities still suck for me…. 574 more words


Time Check (Tick Tock, Tick Tock)

Time check or should I say date check?  Today is Monday, October 20, 2014.   Let me see if I am on track and able to keep up with all the tasks that are need to be done. 378 more words

Chapter Two, Turn the Page: Getting off the Road and Getting Back to Church

“What Merchant fails to realize is that the gospel is, by nature, offensive. It suggests that we are in fact sinners in need of salvation. Jesus tells His disciples that they will leave behind friends, careers, and even family members for the sake of the cross” (Kluck 59). 155 more words


Week 166 - Still working on words!

This week, as is usual now, my writing time focussed on poems for the wedding.

I am happy with some much improved ones and am excited that the writing mojo seems to have come back, although still worried about the timescale.   367 more words

A Series of Unfortunate Sleepless Nights

During first year, I already expected that college would mean bigger responsibilities and heavier tasks to accomplish but I never thought that the reality of it is far different and worse than my expectations. 914 more words