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Expectations too high?

Don’t get why in every parent’s eyes, the only thing they are concern about their child is their results. Like what? From the start till the end, everything they emphasis on is results results results. 81 more words


Dissertation study on colorism and African American women in corporate America (participants needed)

My name is Mary Torres and I am a doctoral candidate at Argosy University, San Diego campus. I am doing a qualitative study on the how colorism affects African American women in corporate America.  99 more words


Fifty Shades of whaaaaat?

I’ll shamefully admit that I absolutely love Fifty Shades of Grey.  It is horribly written,  screams amateur and is pure drivel, but I love it. I’ve just finished reading the trilogy yet again. 68 more words

Notes #2 and #3!

Note #2 NOTE: This is when I was going through a planning process and wasn’t finalized with an idea

Jungian Archetypes – Magazine format

How modern psychologists use archetypes (interview with Lindsey) 142 more words


Wow, Am I back or not?

Hello from Sweden
Am I back again from a long summer holiday?
Well, I hope so.
The reason why I have not written anything for some months is due to I have been working, almost every day. 141 more words


More adult women play video games than teen boys -- will the industry act accordingly?

Let’s blow up some stereotypes.

There is a popular and enduring image of what a “gamer” looks like: mostly male, mostly juvenile, mostly white. That image is false, and has been for a long time now. 272 more words

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Getting settled

So finally things are falling into place here in my new home town. It’s strange, moving to a new place is never the same, and sometimes totally different from what you anticipate. 206 more words