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[ATTN: Basics] Science Says A Glass of Wine Equals An Hour Of Exercise

Science Daily: A natural compound found in some fruits, nuts and red wine may enhance exercise training and performance, demonstrates newly published medical research from the University of Alberta.   379 more words

Canadian Scientists prove Ebola-zaire Contagious in Air Particules Between Pigs and Monkeys

” In 2009, Reston-EBOV was the first EBOV detected in swine with indicated transmission to humans. In-contact transmission of Zaire-EBOV (ZEBOV) between pigs was demonstrated experimentally. 90 more words


Increase revenue with A/B testing and a two-word change

I’m doing some more A/B testing at my current job — I haven’t really done that much in previous jobs, although a little bit here and there — and so I’ve been looking around at videos and articles related to the idea just to see how successful it can be, how you should optimize it, etc, etc. 507 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Code Red

Yupp, D-34. We are down to the 30s. Ain’t that amazing how August was at least D-90 and now we are already into the last few days of September, last month of fighting to the battle of the As? 599 more words

Because girls won't work...

So this really funny thing happened the other day while we were sitting watching TV. My mom told me that an earlier news report stated that open merit for government medical colleges was being finished in Pakistan. 435 more words

My Record Label and Logo

This is the logo which I have created for my very own production company. After researching lots of logo’s from other record labels, there were certain aspects that i felt were vital for creating my own. 490 more words


"...obvi, we're the [new age] ladies"; Girls and Sex and the City

I find it hard to talk specifics about Girls because it really hits home in terms of character and content. I am, to put it as Shoshanna would, “the ladies”. 669 more words