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The lovely A'Lease

Headshots and fun! This lovely lady will be in Hollywood one day. You’ll see!

Jasmin Garcia Photography

JRN 420 In-Class Studio Shooting Assignment

During an in-class photo shoot this past week, I was once again faced with my biggest form of photography anxiety – studio lighting.  It had been almost a year since I had last been in the studio, and nearly just as long since I have set up any lights on my own. 132 more words

Falling Behind

I am falling behind on my posts – aaarrrrgggghhhhh!  I have so many cool and fun things to write about.  One of the biggies is an upcoming fundraiser I am working on.   272 more words


Dreaming White/Malevich Revisited

I awoke one morning after a restless night, weary from lack of sleep but enthused with energy from an idea that had occurred during the period when you’re not asleep and not awake. 241 more words

Studio Lighting

Studio Lighting Techniques

Lighting techniques play a huge role in determining the composition of a photograph. Studio photographers install lighting devices in different manners for illuminating a subject. 199 more words

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