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A new day brings new problems and, if one is truly blessed, increased motivations and new inspirations.

With so little time spent doing studio work the last month due to other projects I thought it was about time to sharpen my skills. 291 more words

Studio Lighting for Portrait Photography

It is not easy to get good photographs in a studio set up unless the photographer has installed lighting devices at the right spots. A number of techniques are used for creating the perfect ambience in a studio. 165 more words

Studio Lighting

Flash photography

Just wanted to share a couple of images with you.

This is from my Studio Lighting class  – the assignment (or challenge) was to photograph smoke by using only flash as available light source. 103 more words

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Advice on Surviving a World that I Actually Know Nothing About

I have some second-hand advice to share with you. My first piece of advice, which is the most important, is to be prepared to explain what kind of work you do. 1,082 more words

Still Life Saturday: Lighting Up Your (Still Life) World

(I’m currently typing this while visiting my parents’ house while an 80 pound dog–mine–and an 85 pound dog–theirs–wander around the house causing trouble, so my apologies for the post being all over the place, but hopefully the samples and explanations come through as lighting is a very important and fun aspect to still life.) 504 more words