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I just had to open my big mouth, didn't i?

In my last post, while describing how I was totally on schedule to get a task completed, I uttered the stupid phrase “Unless something big and unexpected happens”.   333 more words

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Milestones & balancing the universe

In the same week as I made it through the first 6 months without my brother (horrible endings) the universe tried to balance it out by helping me reach my first milestone of 100 sales in my etsy shop (nice beginnings).   264 more words

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Work in progress

My day job is ridiculously busy again, but I’ve resisted the urge to bring any of it home this time – they’ve had enough free work out of me.   411 more words

Studio Time

Progress & things to come

Lately I’ve just been keeping my head down and taking life as it comes.  I’m trying to keep myself ultra-busy so my brain doesn’t have time to think about my brother.   266 more words

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Farting about with paint

While I was going through my 2 week mardy phase, I completely stopped working in my journal.  I did not want to capture, for all time, myself having a major whingeing session.   184 more words

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Finished Friday: Knitted Eggplant and What's Next?

This week I decided to try another project from Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh.

I made the eggplant because I was curious about the leaf cap. 456 more words

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