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Senegalese Mask | Object Story 2014

This is a video I produced and shot for University of Oregon’s Office of International Affairs. I used a Canon EOS 5D Mark to film it and Adobe Premier to edit. 15 more words


Comparative Analysis of Family Planning Practices in Urban Versus Rural Madagascar

Unfortunately, I haven’t posted in this blog in a very long time. Although it was always my intention to write a follow-up to my trip, I returned from Madagascar incredibly exhausted and unsure of the effect the journey would have on my life. 211 more words

Weekend Wrap up: Tarragona 1/16/-1/17


(1000 points if you know what movie that’s from)

I’m here, I’m here, I swear! I plan(ned) on updating my blog for more often than the meager two posts I’ve done since arriving in Spain but with man have things been crazy and busy! 870 more words


The Monsters of Craigmillar Castle

I had intended to write this next post about a series of small, independent events over the past week; my attending a ceilidh on Burns night and learning folk dances, searching out the best live-music pubs with a friend, or the familiar, yet unique trials of dorm living. 1,768 more words


Amsterdam Is Dam Fine (Kristina)

Hi friends!

This past weekend we traveled to Amsterdam, and it was ah-maaaziingg! Here’s a little bit of what we did while we were there: 1,196 more words


I made a video of some of the pictures and what not from Australia. Enjoy!


A cat and an ominous toad: Lease hassles

“Only one cat allowed, by the name of Graham, not to be replaced by another.” These were the austere words of the lease, almost challenging me to buy a pet dragon and insist it was called Graham. 1,203 more words

OPT Series