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A thought

I am packing, and I do not want to go. My heart breaks a little every time I think that I won’t be able to meet my friends on the way to class or get Caffe Nero every day.  50 more words

Using the 'c' word: part 2

To say it for the first time, in relation to your own mother, is not easy.

After my parents hung up the phone, I went back through to join my flatmates and some friends in the kitchen. 513 more words

Study Abroad

FBI Video Warns of an Unexpected Hazard of Study Abroad

“FBI Video Warns of an Unexpected Hazard of Study Abroad”

by Maura Lerner via “StarTribune

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, you can add this to your list of worries: A foreign government might try to turn you into a spy. 200 more words

Study Abroad

Dublin Trip with Global Semesters

This past week has been a hectic one. After I returned from my trip to Amsterdam, I only had a few days before my trip to Dublin with Global Semesters. 297 more words

Global Semesters

Midnight hitchhiking in the Irish countryside

It was your fault, really, but I never blamed you. You read the timetable for the bus from Dublin wrong, and we’d already missed the last one. 561 more words


Seville Cathedral

If you google Seville, you are likely to be swamped with pictures of a monstrous, scarily beautiful cathedral.   Seville is famous for it, I had to visit it with my program one of the first weeks I was here, and I go by it every day on my way to school.   750 more words

What does it mean to survive an earthquake?

It has officially been a week and two days since I started my Independent Study Project (ISP). I moved to Matagalpa last Wednesday to escape the inferno that is Managua but found myself heading back down to attend a trauma and sexual abuse talk at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA). 963 more words

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