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Weekend Wanders: Toledo, Barcelona, Lagos

Wandering through the beautiful cathedrals of Toledo and learning its rich, artistic, and religious history, bike riding through Barcelona and watching the beautiful water show at Magic Fountain of Montjuic, and exploring the small yet energetic town of Lagos and swimming through the most bluest, gorgeous waters I’ve ever laid my eyes on. 8 more words


Living in the Land Down Under

“When you think of Australia, you probably also think of kangaroos, boomerangs and the outback. But, did you also know that the “Land Down Under” is home to beautiful beaches, government funded arts programs, and a plethora of outdoorsy adventures? 81 more words

The Continued Adventures of the Foreign Local

Intern Staci Barke is still in Japan doing independent research, and she has several new posts about her experience up on her blog, The Foreign Local… 77 more words

IU South Bend Students

Yukata Cruise

After sleeping all day Saturday recovering from  our Mount Fuji adventure, I woke up Sunday feeling fresh and looking forward to a beverage (or a few) with my friends. 691 more words

Host Mom

A nice little email popped into my inbox today with the name and address of my future host mom in Sevilla. 

I will be living in an apartment with a retired women in El Centro.  16 more words

Katie K. "Life Outside of Phi Mu"

There is never truly “Life Outside of Phi Mu.” This sisterhood changes you for the better; in this post Katie Kajfez, our Vice President of Social and Risk Management, shares her college experience outside the walls of Phi Mu’s pretty pink house, but never outside the love in our bond. 366 more words

Exec Member

July 18 and 19

First of all, this trip is going by way too fast. I can’t believe that it’s already the middle of the second week. It feels like I just arrived, except for the fact that I know how to use the metro now. 513 more words