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Things I Took for Granted as an American Student

Dear fellow American students,

We are spoiled. I know that I’m just one person comparing the few experiences I’ve had with universities in America and international universities, but from my perspective we are living breezy. 355 more words

Study Abroad

Postcard Perfect

Visiting Cinque Terre was like jumping into a postcard. Cinque Terre is Italian for “The Five Lands” and is composed of five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. 229 more words


13 Common Misconceptions vs. Reality When Studying Abroad in Italy

1. You thought:

You will not get jet lagged.


You won’t know what day or month it is and will need a lot of caffeine. 270 more words

Me and Prague: Then and Now (Part 2)

Nathan Hintz, Marketing and Business Development, Deloitte Central Europe, Prague, Czech Republic

To start, let’s discuss the similarities between my two trips to Prague. I am still me. 780 more words

2014 Internship

Official blogger

I applied for a position as a ‘Study Abroad Blogger’ for my university and I got it! This means continuing to update my blog regularly throughout the year, the main difference is that I am now representing Durham University. 90 more words


13 Signs An American Thinks They’re Still In Italy

  1. When someone tells you, you forgot to tip
  2. You bargain at every store 
  3. When you see triangle pizza
  4. You consider street signs a suggestion
  5. You think black coffee isn’t strong enough…
  6. 72 more words