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It's a duck's life

It won’t take long to discover that you never really eat alone at UOW, as long as you’re willing to share. More like a loving puppy in the way he wags his tail, this duck spends his life befriending lonely lunchers. 53 more words

University Life

Year 1 Biochem Revision: Cells, Carbohydrates, Amino acids and Proteins

Please state whether each statement is True or False and justify your answer.

Please give your answers in the comments section of the blog. 275 more words

BIOL 1362 Sem 1 2014

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1)T 2)F 3)T 4)T 5)T 6)T? 7)? 8)F 9)F 10)T 11)F 12)F 13)T 14)T 15)T 16)T 17)F 18)F 19)? 20)F 21)T 22)F 23)T? 24)T 25) T ..OKAY NOW YOU TRY! :) argg caps, sorry lol

365 grateful: Day 84


I’m grateful for my amazing job and my study buddy as I prepare for my NRP recertification tomorrow.