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The Theory of Love

By Erich Fromm

Mature love is union under the condition of preserving one’s integrity, one’s individuality. Love is an active power in man; a power which breaks through the walls which separate man from his fellow men, which unites him with others; love makes him overcome the sense of isolation and separateness, yet it permits him to be himself, to retain his integrity. 2,518 more words

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Three Days to See

By Helen Keller

All of us have read thrilling stories in which the hero had only a limited and specified time to live. Sometimes it was as long as a year; sometimes as short as twenty-four hours. 4,500 more words

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The Listener

By John Berry

Once there was a puny little Czech concert violinist named Rudolf, who lived in Sweden. Some of his friends thought he was not the best of musicians because he was restless; others thought he was restless because he was not the best of musicians. 1,306 more words

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By William D. Ellis

A lot of us lose life’s tougher confrontations by mounting a frontal attack — when a touch of humor might well enable us to chalk up a win. 1,426 more words

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A Dill Pickle

By Katherine Mansfield

And then, after six years, she saw him again. He was seated at one of those little bamboo tables decorated with a Japanese vase of paper daffodils. 1,987 more words

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