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Study: Diabetic Heart Attacks and Strokes Falling

NEW YORK — In the midst of the diabetes epidemic, a glimmer of good news: Heart attacks, strokes and other complications from the disease are plummeting. 578 more words


Study: Babies Show Racial Bias

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – According to a study, babies tend to play with others that look more like them.

Researchers from the University of Washington noticed that babies were more willing to share their toys with others who shared their ethnicity. 531 more words


Join the HES-SO

As I wrote before, I am studying tourism in Switzerland. This is a short ad we made for our school. enjoy ^^



Study Tips for a Successful Finals Week

What’s up Aztecs! With finals quickly approaching, here are some helpful study tips:

  1. Organize your materials: Getting organized it the first step when getting ready for finals.
  2. 415 more words

What the who da who?

If you have been in University for more than a year there is a question we are dying to know. Do you remember anything from what you studied last year? 125 more words


Revising for Kf2 tests?

There was a story in the news today about chess. Hank Roberts, former president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, thinks chess is good for improving minds – quite possibly true, although there’s an obvious risk of confusing correlation and causation. 656 more words


Place holder cat

Things have been nuts lately, we found out we have to move due to our house being sold, and that’s after we were told by the owner that she was certain that she wouldn’t be selling it, that it was almost impossible that it would sell.   32 more words