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It's almost time!

With only a week and a half standing between me, and my first term at university, I have created this blog to document my time there, to discuss current affairs and legal issues and keep in touch with others who study law. 193 more words


PA Study to Put Wind Energy on the Hot Seat over Deforestation and Bird Deaths


“With the ever-growing number of reports confirming that on-shore wind energy facilities are directly responsible for the clearing of large areas of forested land and the deaths of thousands of migratory birds, endangered bats and even eagles, we can no longer just assume that wind turbines are absolutely harmless to our environment or even a viable source of alternative energy,” said Rep. 27 more words

Ravaging The World Environmentalist-style

Study Claims Listening to Music Makes You Intelligent

Music is life is a cliche that’s true, isn’t it? From serving as the perfect soundtrack to your pathetic fallacy of sorrow to making you feel fresh and good in the morning, music is a staple in the lives of most of us, regardless of which genre it belongs to! 75 more words


Food to keep you energized!

During freshers week and potentially throughout your whole uni experience, you might have to function without the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. University fees now being £9000 it is now more important than ever to get up, attend and pay attention during the precious few contact hours you’ll have with your lecturers. 349 more words

Before Choosing an SEO Company: Ask 10 Things

Before choosing an SEO company, consider the following so you don’t waist your money and your time. 1,310 more words



Ive gone beyond procrastination in reflection… I’ve noticed a trend lately on where I actually put more effort into avoiding what i’m suppose to be doing than actually sitting down and stare pathetically at my lecture print off that I half-assedly printed in hopes I’ll finally run out of things to do and actually get onto my work… Now I have a blog… Plan working well.


Life's a thin line..

I’m writing this post just after getting back results for an exam I re-sat.

The exam was extremely difficult, “American Style” (multiple choice) where we were required to remember almost every single protein and molecule in the immune system no matter how small and clinically irrelevant. 237 more words