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Sorry guys.

Sorry that I haven’t been very active on my blog the last few days. Too many things on my mind, regarding my new study.

After rain comes sunshine because…next week I’m going back to Paris!!! 49 more words



The root word:”Ig”/”Il”/”Im/”in”/”ir” — meaning: not/without.

Illegal: Not legal.

Inappropriate: Not appropriate.

Incessant: Not ceasing.

Indomitable: Not able to be dominated.

Infallible: Invincible, not able to be conquered. 15 more words


About My Language Journey

It’s sad to see posts from two/ three years ago and I feel/know that I haven’t done a lot to improve my Korean. I am starting again and I’ll try to blog/log what I have been doing. 204 more words


The Emotional Life of Your Brain Ch. 5

Development of Emotional Style

When Davidson discovered the neurological bases for each dimension of emotional style, he assumed that they were innate and fixed. This made sense since DNA, unchangeable genetic information, codes for human traits, the brain, and all other parts of the body. 458 more words


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45 minutes of Study Music: concentration, focus music, great for reading, writing, learning, revising. Helps focus, calm music, peaceful music, centre your t…
Divine Aim

Mejores canales de YouTube

En este post haré una lista de cuale son los mejores canales de YouTube a mi consideración, en los cuales puedas aprender cosas nuevas día con día. 85 more words


An Ink Study

I didn’t feel brave enough to paint in the face details without another study, this time using india ink to focus on shadow tones.

LucyJ's Artwork