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11 Reasons Your Child Can Benefit From English Tutoring

Learning to speak English as a first language seems so simple. We just do it! But to children who struggle in school or where English is their second language, learning spelling and grammar can be quite difficult. 366 more words


The Beginner’s Guide to Online School Tutors

At Grace Simpkins we know how important your child’s education is to you. And that is why we use the most innovative and proven methods to deliver our online school tutor and online maths tutor services. 485 more words


Halfway through Student Period 1, 2014

Wow! I cannot believe how time flies! Doing three units this SP has kept me busy, no doubt about it. I have had to be super organized, with an almost military precision to how I distribute my time between my family, my studies and leisure time (other wise known as sleep). 203 more words


That Dreaded Time of Year..

So that time of year has reared its evil head once again – exam time.

With a dissertation and exams, I thought I would quickly share a little something about how I feel when people say to me one of the most ANNOYING and INACCURATE phrases ever: ‘everything is going to be… 65 more words

Is #screentime really a bad thing?

Bethany is a National Trust intern working within the Wild Network, a gathering of organisations and individuals all united in reconnecting children with nature. Still studying for a BA Hons in Journalism at the university of Lincoln, in her free time Beth enjoys travelling home and going for long walks in the countryside with her family and cat, Toby, who loves being on his lead. 564 more words

Hello World!!!

A student of IT for the past 10 years, Bachelors in Engineering IT+ Masters in IT ; I have basically given exams for every aspect of computing. 172 more words