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The P (pee) Factor

If you’re a new artist in London, these three words will shine in your mind as you see them for the first time:


EXPERIENCE… 720 more words


Life Sciences: Human Reproduction- Labour & Birth


Labour includes the expulsion of the baby as well as the release of the afterbirth (placenta).

One option is a CESAREAN SECTION

it is in a surgical procedure where incisions are made through a woman’s abdomen and uterus to deliver her baby. 60 more words


Life Sciences: Human Reproduction- The Uterine & Ovarian Cycle


Not sure yet but I am hoping that this is my last post for the night.

Within the menstruation cycle there is 2 cycles- the uterine cycle and the ovarian cycle. 260 more words


The 'Glamorous Life' of an Exchange Student in Europe...

Aka: “dear family, please stop saying it seems like a 6 month party holiday’

Aka: I have been in this coworking cafe for the past three hours, staring at my essay and drinking awful tea… 22 more words


How I let a friend sleep on the stairwells

There is a time,

in a student life, when you have to take responsibilities and to take care first of yourself! 349 more words
Marina Jems

The 5 Devastating Consequences Of No Longer Having A Valid Student Card

For many years you will curse your student card for the terrible Dracula-esque photo that was taken on a dreadful hangover, and the fact it means you actually have to study. 626 more words