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Urgh! University Timetables

Apparently, my University has a policy to not allow seminar class changes for students if the reason is simply that it clashes with their part-time job. 395 more words


Why Professors Should Do Away With Attendance Policies

Students often ask themselves, “Why should I be forced to attend a class when I am an adult and capable of deciding whether to attend or not; I pay for the courses I am taking so why should I go when I don’t really want to?” This has been and always will be some of the questions asked by students who are being forced to attend class under an attendance policy. 619 more words


5 Study Snacks to Bring to the Library

The first day of the semester is a distant memory, and the library now feels like home. Eating certain foods can help you improve your study focus, retain more information and stay mentally alert throughout your gruelling study sessions. 225 more words


CSU Dual Enrollment Info Session

Columbus State is hosting a upcoming event about the dual enrollment program. The session will give students and parent’s the opportunity to come in and receive information about the dual enrollment process and what the particular outcome of dual enrollment students can achieve. 100 more words

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October 23rd. Finding and Losing Inspiration.

Hi loves!

Today (Thursday), I had the first meeting with my dissertation supervisor, who is a diamond of a lady who I have had the joy of working with before. 302 more words


Relaxing Music for Sleeping, Meditation, Studying, Calming New Age Music

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New Age Grey Market Solution
Grey Market sales generally exist in a market scenario where any product or good is purchased or sold beyond a manufacturer’s approved trading networks. 15 more words

I don't need this year's Doctor Who calendar.

This entire thing isn’t school griping I swear.

I’m sitting at Barnes and Noble in the vegan cookbook section because for some reason there are chairs all around this area. 446 more words