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The Thought Process of Final Exams (as told by Mean Girls)

We all have that one final (or multiple if we’re super lucky) that everyone knows they are just going to flunk. It might be the teacher, the class, or your lack of motivation during the semester. 270 more words


Finals Week

The rumors you’ve heard are true…. the dreaded finals week is upon us!

Two tests done, one more to go. Also have to finish writing a paper due tonight, so I’m going to make this quick. 152 more words

Day 3 of Finals (How is This Week Going Along So Slowly?)

Three finals and one essay down, one final and one project to go.

And then……winter vacation.

What is sleep, even?

It’s been getting harder and harder to wake up every morning, maybe because my days and nights are running together, just like the drips of coffee on my endless cups. 108 more words


It's a Crazy World

Well, for anyone that was looking forward to a post last week, I’m sorry. It was finals week for me, and I temporary lost the will to go on. 131 more words

Emotional Rollercoaster

WIAW: finals week eats

Hey guys! These past 2 weeks have been…long! Finals finals finals. Now they’re over, my mom and my best friend will be here today, and within the next 4 days I’ll be in NC for a bridal shower, SC (again) for a wedding, and all the way back to NY//home sweet home. 329 more words

Daily Life

Survival of the Most Caffeinated: Finals Week

Just kidding, I don’t like coffee. But I thought it was a good title.

I am done with finals!!! That’s right! I’m DONE! As in, I finished my first semester of college EVER! 374 more words


Year in Review: Blog

Earlier I did a Year in Review, in terms of life, this time I figured why not follow up with my blog. This year, I’d like to say was a good year for my blogging. 118 more words