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[no offense] a reason to believe in God

You’re too lazy to do work so believing makes it easy to get up and do something.

This is not true but I thought it was a bit funny as I am studying at the moment and asking God to help me in my exams! 11 more words

TSE | The night between day 26 and 27

Hey¬†it’s Lenn again,

Well fuck, I can’t fall asleep. I’ve been trying to for the past 75 minutes but I just can’t. Maybe I drank too much coffee today, or maybe I’m too hungry (I already ate something, like 30 min ago). 112 more words


TSE | Day 19 to 26 - Ups and downs

Hey it’s Lenn again,

So, it happend again. Time has flown by so quickly. For more than a week I didn’t post anything in the evening. 728 more words


Music's studying effects and it's importance

According to college and high school students, music makes the process of studying easier. Some students will not study without it.

I conducted a survey asking students their opinions on how listening to music helps or hinders studying for school. 400 more words


Resistance to Reality

I am sitting here in the library, writing an essay. I say that I am writing an essay, but it seems, in fact, like most of my energy is being used up by a warm sort of jittering in all of my atoms. 362 more words


Hardcore Self-Loathing Revision Techniques!

(this is how I’d pitch the importance of revision to teenage boys)

Rather than seeing revision as the sort of menial task forced upon you by the epitome of discipline and unrelatability that is a teacher, you could make it so much less daunting by casting it as a testosterone-fuelled endurance test, to see which of you and your friends can use the most soul-crushing tactics imaginable to obtain those all-important capital letters on a bit of paper; for the record, I think this is how students at Eton prove their ‘manliness’. 746 more words


Philosophy 102

how am I gonna study this/ what I’m doing tonight.

Female Business Management