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Study Tips and Ideas

Everyone studies differently.  Some people learn from hearing (auditory) others learn by seeing (visual) and some learn from doing (tactile).  Here are a few different ways to study. 338 more words


First Weeks in France: The Stereotypes Are True

So I have been in France for 2 and a half weeks now. I would have written a blog earlier but as it stands, I have been having far too much fun exploring the South and going to beaches every other day. 878 more words


Pancreatic Passion

On Monday, we had our renal system exam.  After two-and-a-half weeks, we’ve finished our journey through the kidneys and their combined 2.5 million nephrons, as well as the ureters, bladder, urethra and prostate (where applicable).   505 more words

Medical Musings

Early Morning Thoughts

Pulling a close to all nighter with no caffeine. (unless you count vanilla comoro decaf tea I had about 8 hours ago) Very proud of myself. 105 more words

Featured Wolsey Hall Student: Charlotte Stevenson-Clements

This week, we’re excited to hear from Charlotte Stevenson-Clements. Charlotte plans to attend university and go into midwifery. After struggling with health problems, she enrolled on three… 398 more words

Home Study

Studying in India

I guess studying varies from place to place. Even within Switzerland you will find big differences. The main difference from a students point of view between EPFL and ETHZ is, that the exams at EPFL are two weeks after the end of the semester, whereas the exams at ETHZ are taking place in the middle or the end of the summerholidays. 780 more words


Silence in the library

We all know that one is supposed to be silent in the library. I am now in the library and yet is being subjected to the buzz and hum of a lot of people in a small space. 180 more words