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"Ode to Reading" by S1

Today, after handing out Pupil Library Helper application forms to eager S1 pupils, I wept and laughed in equal measure at the wonderfully honest responses of these innocent, enthusiastic, desperate-to-please children in their first week of secondary school, caught before they evolve into sulky, irritable teens who avoid the library at all costs (usually by Christmas, in my experience). 233 more words

Stuff And Things


I know a man/he came from my hometown/
he wore his passion for his woman like a thorny crown
He said “Dolores, I live in fear/my love for you’s so overpowering, I’m afraid that I may disappear.” 51 more words


Welcome Back!

A sea of purple blazers is a beautiful thing :-) (yes it is!)

The new school term begins on Monday August 18th at 8.50pm. This is the first term we have worked a 33 period week… 50 more words

Stuff And Things


#Reverb14 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2014.   Each month, KatSarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  820 more words


Stuff and Things

I’ve gone ahead and titled this post “Stuff and Things” because honestly it’s eight o’clock and I’m super tired and have given up on life for the night. 761 more words


It's going to be ok

It’s been an odd few weeks.

Taking control of certain things in my life has been challenging, painful and emotional.

But that’s all part of the journey I suppose.


Stuff And Things

Life Happens. (real time blogging about it too)

Hello World. Hello blog.

It’s been a bit. You know the story goes: Life happens. And boy has it happened. I’ve been having a rough time lately. 978 more words

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