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A Week in the Life: Springtime Saturday

Lie in.

Discover Paul has downloaded a new iPad game and has been playing some weird equivalent of Risk for hours as I slept.  He shouts at me because I wake up Not Hungry, and he is afraid of me becoming a monster. 950 more words


Right now, in the course I teach (on Dreaming & Myth), we read Gilgamesh. Like Goethe’s Faust, I find myself fascinated by the text, but frustrated with the main character. 349 more words

Stuff And Things

Human. Being.

Lately, being in the middle of dissertation writing, I have been thinking a lot about anthropology and the human condition. In one single moment I find myself being excited, frustrated, enthralled and disgusted with the state of theory, academia, my project and the world. 177 more words

Stuff And Things

i blew you a kiss and it's stuck to your window so you can see

I think love, in its purest form, is God-like. It’s like a garden that last through winter, and pokes through the snowfall to illuminate with color that which has stayed gray. 546 more words

Stuff And Things

The Glory Days of Shred

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Tom Sims Retro World Championship of Snowboarding at Soda Springs. Granted, I showed up as the last of the legends were sessioning the hand dug halfpipe, only catching a few vintage airs from the last riders charging slushie highway hits but I saw enough to realized I’d totally blown it by not showing up earlier and shredding with the legends of my youth. 333 more words


ESU Public Speaking Competition - Jordyn McNally

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire – Jordyn McNally

Good morning Ladies, Gentlemen and distinguished judges. I am delighted to be here to talk to you today: to talk to you about inspiration. 932 more words

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