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The Blemish

t’s a tiny red mark, no bigger than a pimple. She prods it a few times without any real enthusiasm, and then pinches it between the side of her thumbnail and a sharp index fingernail. 1,098 more words


Lordy, lordy, D&D is 40. Happy B-Day dude!

Despite one of my goals with The Long Shot to maintain an open-ended topical blog, there is one element that either slips in tangentially or outright kicks in the door, and that’s… 2,148 more words

Dungeons & Dragons Online

There Goes the Neighborhood

He’s a simple man of few words and ominous eyes. 779 more words



This relationship is not working, Amelia tweets. I will stick around for three more years. 380 more words


An Undead Year

I have this fantasy,
he says in early January.
       If I had any interest in your fantasies, she replies,
       they wouldn’t be fantasies.
She’s killing zombies on the X-box, 209 more words


Slow Bone

“Maybe we’re on an Indian burial ground,” Joe says on the night of the full moon. Sam grunts. Three skeletons rose already, and they can expect five more before the moon peaks. 774 more words



It was a Sunday – not a day, but rather a gap between two other days. It was also October, a gap between two other months. 452 more words