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Sleep It Off. Or Don't. Whatever.

The best part about not sleeping is that nothing matters. 747 more words


Rawhead and Bloody-Bones

The small critter bones are splintered and chewed ragged from the mouth of a mean, little monster that doesn’t yet know its own strength. It lets the bones dry out in the sunlight, reaching a thin, pale arm out to turn them before slinking back into the cool dark. 382 more words


Taking It Lying Down

I spilled a bottle of allergy medication and then I laid down on top of the scattered pills and now I’m waiting for this headache to finish murdering me.  864 more words


For You, The Living, This Mash Was Meant Too

It’s a fanged water-serpent thing and it’s pretty pissed off: pink, swollen gills ruffling under the warm currents of water and animosity. A fish with a dense, trout-like body and two eyes sticking out in three directions floats nearby. 1,123 more words


Whenever You're Ready

“Take your time,” he says in the tone of someone who wishes she would do the opposite.  1,129 more words


Things (Not) To Buy: Ouija Board

It’s dark, not completely dark, but a sort of blindness dark as your eyes struggle to adjust to the dull lighting. There’s a nervous giggle and cotton rasps against denim as everyone shifts anxiously. 959 more words


Volume 4, Issue 4

Stormreach is a city of rumors and whispers, from the political intrigues of the Coin Lords to the power structure of the criminal underworld. There is talk of prophecies still to come to fruition, and of battles already fought. 1,186 more words

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