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Volume 4, Issue 3

Situated off the main thoroughfare of the Stormreach marketplace, Jester’s Haunt is a small neighborhood boasting only a single establishment, the Rusty Nail inn. Adventurers gather inside to toast fallen comrades and muster for their next quest. 1,679 more words

Dungeons & Dragons Online

A little vignette for your reading pleasure.

I’m a lifeguard at a beach. I saw a thing. The thing made me feel a thing. I took the thing from my brain and made this thing. 477 more words


Volume 4, Issue 2

The melodic tones of the Rusty Nail’s usual soundtrack were broken by the sounds of grunting and straining late Saturday night. Those resting at one of the two taverns in the Stormreach marketplace were awoken by the exertion of Iris Vaht, a human woman deep into the zone – and deep in debt – to Rusty Nail regular Rue the Dashing, a drow elf. 1,876 more words

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Thor Losthers

As testament to how far comics have come and been ingrained in the cultural consciousness, i was honestly shocked to hear actual watercooler talk the other day about the big news from Marvel Comics. 1,630 more words


Prophets of Science Fiction, part three - H.G. Wells

Prophets of Science Fiction is a documentary television program that aired on the Science Channel for a single, eight-episode season between 2011-12.  Produced and hosted by  3,056 more words

Thoughts, Speculations, Whatnot

Space Law!

Another full page story, and this time i had the entire page all to myself. And i got to do the layout as well, which i always immensely enjoy. 1,506 more words


Home For My Head, Please

Tarnish my soul
bleed me dry
so I may rest my head tonight
feel at home
please dear sir
one night
then I’ll be off… 10 more words

Stuff I Wrote