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Dinner At 8 Was Okay

“You’re not very social, today,” he acknowledges, picking items from the pantry at random. “I didn’t expect you would be, but it’s worse than I thought.” 278 more words


Ode To Us

A poem I wrote March 9, 2011
Found it on Facebook while I was cleaning some stuff out manually…
It’s oddly good for a poem that I wrote… so I thought I’d share. 34 more words

The Blemish

t’s a tiny red mark, no bigger than a pimple. She prods it a few times without any real enthusiasm, and then pinches it between the side of her thumbnail and a sharp index fingernail. 1,098 more words


Lordy, lordy, D&D is 40. Happy B-Day dude!

Despite one of my goals with The Long Shot to maintain an open-ended topical blog, there is one element that either slips in tangentially or outright kicks in the door, and that’s… 2,148 more words

Dungeons & Dragons Online

There Goes the Neighborhood

He’s a simple man of few words and ominous eyes. 779 more words



This relationship is not working, Amelia tweets. I will stick around for three more years. 380 more words


An Undead Year

I have this fantasy,
he says in early January.
       If I had any interest in your fantasies, she replies,
       they wouldn’t be fantasies.
She’s killing zombies on the X-box, 209 more words