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On my summer hair choice.

<Ran into Tom Thumb at 11:32pm for milk.>
<I jump and whip around.>
“You know, that was my ear you just yelled in.”
“MISS.” 90 more words


On USA vs Germany in the World Cup

“Did the US tie with Germany?”
“No, we lost.”
“What? We were supposed to tie so we could both go! They lied to us! This is just like World War II all over again! 7 more words


On nostalgia.

“I’m going to miss this school.”
“Yeah…our losing football streak…and my favorite teacher…”
“Oh, good.”
“One of them was nice.”


On painting and second chances.

<My yearbook students were helping me with a little classroom update.>
“Why are you painting that part?”
“The ratched wood needs to be pretty too. People can change. 10 more words


On photo usage in social media.

“Miss, can you stand up so I can take a picture of you to remember you better?”
<I stand up and pose, kid takes photo.> 31 more words


On new gum flavors.

“What if we made a new flavor of gum that tasted just like water?”
“Yes! We could call it: condensation.”


On my missing voice.

<10 minutes into class, and one of my more interested students has an epiphany.>
“Miss V—-, are you sick?”
<I look pointedly at the message on the board that proclaims, yes, I am sick, that’s why we’re doing bookwork, because I can’t talk.> 14 more words