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Monday Mash-Up #9

This week was so much better now that I’m healthy again.  One of the many things making me happy lately.  Other things making me happy or just of interest… 852 more words

Procrastinators Progress

Jane Austen: History, Literature, & Fun

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve neglected to blog, so I decided to be a bit nostalgic and look at one of my dearest faves of fact and fiction: Jane Austen.  847 more words


Day 2 Inspiration

Evening all!

After a long, frustrating day at uni, the last thing I wanted to do was to come home and write anything else, but two whiskeys later and I remembered my promise to inspire myself for thirty days so here I am. 286 more words


Celebrating with a Fun Podcast

Well, On Granny’s Trail just topped 16,000 views, so to celebrate this random achievement, I decided to share a fun podcast with you from Stuff You Missed in History Class… 163 more words

Arizona Pioneers

Missed in History: The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

History classes in the U.S. – at least in Holly’s and my experience – focus much of their discussion of the civil rights movement on things African-Americans were not allowed to do before it happened. 445 more words

Stuff You Missed In History Class

Missed in History: The Disappearance of Judge Crater

Getting your hands on an intercom so you could say, “Judge Crater, call your office” used to be quite the thing to do. The vanishing of Joseph Force Crater is one of the largest missing person cases in U.S. 358 more words

Stuff You Missed In History Class

Missed in History: Maurice Duplessis

Finally, a bit of Canadian history! Maurice Duplessis served as premier of Quebec, and, depending on who you ask, he was either a lovable rogue or a political monster. 421 more words

Stuff You Missed In History Class