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Here's what you need to know about Title IX in college

The fight for gender equality in education was technically won back in 1972 with the passing of Title IX. The law applies to these 10 aspects of the education system: access to higher education, athletics, career education, education for pregnant and parenting students, employment, learning environment, math and science, standardized testing and technology. 1,361 more words

Stuff You Should Know

A guide to off-campus life

One of the realities of living the college life is that housing is not always a guarantee, especially if you go to a smaller college. Many students also choose to live off-campus on their own, without being forced out by limited on-campus housing options. 999 more words

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Food Heals.

No matter what your diet philosophy, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, etc. food heals and this AMAZING TEDx presentation by Dr. Joel Fuhrman is undeniably inspiring. 103 more words

Stuff You Should Know

Marist alums; the journey from students to campus leaders

With 36,000 Marist alumni worldwide, there is no shortage of people who have studied at Marist over the years. There are dozens of notable Marist alumni such as Fox News political commentator Bill O’Reilly ’71 and 1-800-Flowers President and entrepreneur Christopher McCann ’83. 1,061 more words

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A student's guide to understanding the Islamic State

While the Islamic State, Iraq, and Syria may be on the complete opposite side of the world, in light of the dedication to the ‘global community of the 21st century’ 1,250 more words

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