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Are Fireflies Disappearing?

One of my favorite podcasts is Stuff You Should Know hosted by Josh Clark and Charles “Chuck” Bryant. Started in 2008 and produced by HowStuffWorks… 400 more words


Podcast Episode 28 Animal Geeks - Why did my pet die?

https://askanimalgeeks.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/why-did-my-pet-die-2072014-3-55-pm.mp3    The team have been listening to Josh and Chuck at Stuff You Should Know’s “Grief” Podcast. We look at Pet death, the age you can expect your pet to live to, and some pet longevity records.   12 more words


Did I Just Write a Soccer Post?

The World Cup has moved into the second stage (or round of 16). Apparently, the only reason that matters to most Americans is that the USMNT (United States Men’s National Team) is actually still alive. 243 more words


So, I met this girl half a year ago.... Or "met", I guess... Virtually met....

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday, and this girl…. Let’s call her Jill…. Mostly because the name fits her, to my mind at least, but also because… Well, it’s her name… :-P… 688 more words


Of Whatsapp and smartphone zombies    

Smartphone zombies! You see them everywhere. Shambling down the street, heads bowed over a tiny handheld device, oblivious to the world around them. They walk into street signs, oncoming traffic and each other. 1,525 more words

What Do You Know?

There are lessons to be learnt in real life, things we should be warned about, and things we should be taught in school besides spelling and algebra. 444 more words