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5,000 (Part 10: 901 - 1000) The first thousand.

I am so bloody bored today, I just can’t be bothered doing anything else, I caught up on the first episode of the second season of The 100, I ate subway, I battled thoughts of maybe drinking something but I dismissed them enough to stop thinking about it. 2,903 more words

About Me

the IT tales.

Asked to do the timelapse, s et up in another office.
Go set up the timelapse, with laptop and everything, ask for remote access to copy files over to network, and retrieve back in main office. 266 more words



Had my midterms these past few weeks. Luckily, tomorrow is going to be the last of them. I know I did pretty well on at least two of them! 103 more words


Food 'n Stuff #1

Considering i love food… and stuff what better to do a podcast on. This will most likely be a series because it was so fun to do. 20 more words


What you need to know about the opposite sex!

Disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been, a professional. The context of this article is about things I learned. I have tried pieces of the advice here and there. 1,929 more words

Random Thoughts

#126 - What is the Place or Object from your Childhood...

…that you most think about when you think about home?

I call it the ghost farm.  Surrounded by old decrepit barns and sheds that still stank of the animals that once lived there years before I was ever born, it was like the scene right out of a horror movie. 

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A strange feeling

I had this weird feeling the other day.. My body felt strange. It felt like it just fell down on the floor and disappeared into a pond. 210 more words