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Welcome to Working Out & Stuff!

Hi :) If you read my “About” section, maybe you’ll understand a little more of where I’m coming from.  This blog is not only about working out, but it’s also about ‘stuff.’ Working out will be a huge part of it because working out and clean eating are two passions of mine.  79 more words

Clean Eating

Trim's Favorite Twitter Accounts

Everyone and their mother is on Twitter, but what do you do when you get tired of seeing that girl from high school complain about the weather? 528 more words

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Stuff makes me sad :-(

This woman at the place I work has to look after her sister’s kids because her sister is a drug addict.  This woman who is looking after the sister’s kids doesn’t know where her sister is or what she is doing.  Her sister doesn’t want to get help.   It is really a hard life for her but it seems she loves those kids very much.  I just cannot believe how anyone can be so stupid to leave their kids behind like that.  I wonder if that sister even thinks about her kids?  I hope those kids grow up to be good people like the one who is looking after them.   Kids are the future, so take good care of your kids and teach them to be good caring people.  … 11 more words


London's Crawling

…it just sort of “woke up” one day


The Doclopedia #1,135

Monsters Of The Circle Sea: Kul Kuru

“Listen, matey, ‘cos I’m gonna tell ye about Kul Kuru, the great beast of the Torangiri Swamps. 216 more words