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A long time in coming

Just some old stuff. I haven’t done any real work in a while. Images left to right are as follows: a mock ad for a car that runs on algae based fuel for a 250 level graphic design class, a composite of drawing and photographs of a field near where I grew up for a 100 level 2D design class, a cooperative monotype print using mylar from an intro to printmaking class, a scary looking mermaid monotype (my theme was fairy tale characters as plus sized models) from intro to printmaking, and a giant ragdoll from 3D class. 32 more words


Preparing files for the web

A JPG is a Lossy file format. What does this mean?

Lossy file compression results in lost data and quality from the original version.┬áRemoving pixels in an image┬áthat the human eye doesn’t notice, it does this by taking away pixels so you can save them smaller and they can load quicker. 101 more words


Podcasts I Listen To Part #3

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Ted Talks

Usually no longer than 20 minutes, the TED Talks provide you with still in-depth and interesting information on a range of topics. 445 more words


Web Content _ Copyright

Copyright is a legal right created by law that grants the creator of an original work the exclusive rights to use and distribution. Copyright applies to most artists work, such as paintings,murals,statues,TV shows, music,and for us Photography. 143 more words


Clear Lake MN

Spent the night here at a rest area. Picked up a load in KC metro for Valley NE. Dropped that load, then bobtailed to Wayne NE to pick up a new empty trailer bound for Mounds View MN. Will deliver it this morning.


Love is Contagious (More From Mitali)

Last Saturday I posted the first half of an interview with Mitali Perkins. Mitali has written several books for children and teens, two of which I’ve read - 607 more words