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Have you wondered? ...

I was asked recently to describe what advocacy is. I found there is no concise, correct response as advocacy is varied and diverse.

What is Advocacy? 432 more words


I Just Can't Leave These Books Alone!

Thunder vibrates our house, lightning flashes outside our windows, but I’m warm and dry inside. I’ve got my half-sweet chai tea in one hand and a dog-eared book in the other. 456 more words


Why I: Am Not Bothered Anymore

What is your priority?

What is the thing your habits, thoughts, mannerisms and basically everything you do slowly moving you towards? You, like most normal… 960 more words


The Authorities weren’t interested in curing anyone. They weren’t striving to fix what they saw as inherently broken, they were creating and churning out a force of automatons that would serve society and keep the boat steady. 57 more words

Can’t you see my pain

Can’t you see the tears

dripping on the floor

Can’t you feel my heart

Can’t you feel my love

Don’t you know that what I feel… 22 more words


Wake Up Sunshine

Here we are. Two days from August. And you know what that means? The summertime TV season is in full swing!

Reruns, replacement series, and reality shows clog our airwaves. 826 more words


#286 - Go to a Cafe...

…and closely watch two people interact.  Then write about a scene about two people in a cafe.

Mike leaned forward on the table, coffee steaming in the cup in front of him, as he listened to Shannon talk. 

558 more words