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#485 - Write a Letter...

…to the reader of a novel you haven’t written yet.

Dearest reader,

I want to welcome you to my newest work and express my gratitude that, of all the works out there, you decided to take a chance and pick up this one. 

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No motivation. At all.

Once again it’s one of those times where it feels like I simply don’t have anything to say. And it’s not even because I’m not doing anything – there is a lot of stuff I could write and blog about, a lot of things on my mind, crafts I’m doing.. 215 more words


Oh Monday

Need I say more? I am having the hardest time focusing! Ugh, oh Monday…


Final Collage

So, as evidenced by my final collage I decided to change things up a bit. Since the topic of my blog has been myself, but more specifically myself as a biracial female I was faced with the challenge of visually representing that in the collage. 312 more words


Food stuff #1

Hi there!

Yesterday the boyfriend and I went on a little dinner date. We went to a burger place, something we don’t do often, so it was very nice and refreshing (and fattening, but oh well!). 156 more words


15 DIY Projects For Your Man Cave

Now that football season is upon, it’s important to have the man cave of your fantasies. In your dream life, you probably have an epic man cave… 73 more words