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Project 333 update: April

(Check out the basics of Project 333 here)

I counted my clothes and I think I’m right around 33 items! (It depends whether I count sweatpants and yoga capris – I wear them enough I feel like I should count them). 701 more words


Lets take a break from Cancer and get to know a little about me.

So yes it is a fact that my wife has lung cancer, and in a sense we as a family all have it, it’s insidious and pervasive silently working it’s way into our daily lives, but despite this, we DO have a life, even if it’s plunged into an infernal chaos . 1,376 more words

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Write about the values we give to things may appear an obvious reflexion, anyway I going to share my feelings about this theme.

Things went fairly nice within the last semester. I wasn’t expecting much as regards the fruits of everything I’ve done. But then, I was amazed that the outcomes went out very — if not so so so much — fine. 130 more words


Another Post Worthy Assignment from Lit: Hylie's Haiklu

I was going to post this Tuesday night and ended up being too stuffed to concentrate on much of anything. Good pasta will do that to anyone and I love my spaghetti sauce; even when I have to use canned spaghetti sauce as part of the base. 170 more words

My Thoughts And Ramblings


Hey!  Welcome to my blog!  I’m CodeNameShield, but you can just call me Gadget.

Here is where I shall post things of randomness related to superheroes- photos, prompts, fics, articles, links, anything.



April Wow & Confusion

Every now and again, I turn on the oldies station and hear a song whose lyrics mystified me back in the day and it takes me back to a place in time. 496 more words