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Is patriotism becoming obsolete?

I am an emigrated man who has been living in two countries for a significant amount of time which changed my world-view about nationalism in a big way. 386 more words


Heavyweight hopefuls

I keep asking myself where are the real good new American heavyweights?  Where are the new Holyfield’s, Tyson’s, Ali’s? Its a shame for American sports that there hasn’t been a good fighter coming out of this country in 20 years now.   583 more words


How I met your Father - part 2

Rewind to Thursday 29 October. I was at working, planning for a girl’s week-end in PE, due to start the next day. Much excitement.  When I got the call.  975 more words


Ghost In The Machine

I very much see myself like the character Lain, from the anime “Serial Experiments Lain”. I’ve been living in the digital world since a young age , although I don’t own the monstrous computing system like hers, I’ve own a few desktops and now currently a Dell laptop, but our worlds are kind of similar. 842 more words


Thirty Three

Let’s review.

Near the end of June, Ginny and I went out to BC for my brother’s high school graduation, to spend time with my family, and to then road trip back home with a uhaul full of Phil’s things (he’s movin’ in) and the furniture items that I inherited from my grandparents. 260 more words

Home Life

who owns that?

Irregardless the argument over wealth distribution, socialism, entitlement state, government oppression, Putin, Wall Street collapse, etcetera, etcetera. We, the collective whole of this planet, own absolutely nothing—period. 173 more words