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The Stuffy Collection

The Stuffy Collection continues with Week 42.Meet my Model Ottis.I`m on the last stretch with 10 more weeks to go.Doing portraits of my stuffed animal collection 1 a week for 52 weeks starting with a photo shoot.

Vacation for Toys!

You can pay a treavel agency in Tokyo to take your stuffed animal on a vacation — without you.

Mcdonald Volkswagen

The Project is Finished!

Yep. I did it. I don’t think is the right size though. I did measure twice and cut once, at least for the wood. What the heck went wrong??? 37 more words

Our Fam

The Stuffed Animal Dilemma

I have a child that is stuff animal crazy. I mean really, really into them. Now, I admit that over the years I have kept every stuffed animal I got. 846 more words


My Stuffed Animals

I still have the first teddy bear my parents ever gave me. His name is Corduroy. He’s the only tangible thing I’ve had for my entire life. 1,114 more words


A Boy and His Dog: Reliving the day my son chose his stuffed companion

With toys spilling over every surface of his bedroom, it was time for a toy purge. My 10 year old has moved on from many of his toys, so I was combing through his room and tossing out old playmates. 827 more words