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Shopping For Birthday And Christmas Presents: Done And Done

3 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

Your birthday (November 16th) and Christmas are just a little more than a month apart. So all year, Mommy and I have been preparing by secretly scouting out the clearance section at Target, as well as and Amazon.com for ridiculously good deals. 262 more words


These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear (And Funny Drawings Of Anteaters!)

3 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

I just want to bookmark which stage of childhood you are in right now. These are the days of you dressing your stuffed animals in your own “big boy underwear.” 306 more words

Thursday Smiles....

Yay tomorrow is Friday! Happy dance!

Sis Tracy’s dachshund collection

I love this interesting plant that we saw on our walk!!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear


Going to the Faire

I’ve got a number of shows I’ll be attending this fall and have been working on some new stuffed creations. One I’d wanted to do for a while is a version of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. 82 more words


Trip to The National History Museum

Lots of stuffed creatures in glass cases. Apparently the Dodo specimen (not pictured) is fake because someone once had the silly idea to throw most of it out and now all they have left of it is the head.


Week 37 of The Stuffy Colllection

Meet The Joshi Twins my models for week 37.

They would like to remind you to know where your corn comes from

Teddy Bears

I got my first teddy bear when I was a baby (see photo above), and it seemed to spark a teddy bear obsession, particularly white ones. 177 more words