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Spiced Potato-Stuffed Peppers

By some frightening piece of Farming Alchemy (Falchemy?), bags of peppers, £1 for a pack of 6, are available at Sainsbury’s.  It’s late November but here they are, fluorescent yellow orange with delicately-applied blushes of green. 295 more words

Stuffed Butternut Squash

This recipe was not planned at all.   I’d been looking at a butternut squash in my fridge for about a month but each time just leaving it sitting where it was.   522 more words


Stuffed Vegetable Shashlyks, Eggplant and Zucchini Caviar

So you spent your summer preparing exotic shashlyks on the mangal. Making a döner kebab holds no secrets for you anymore. You’ve mastered the art of the… 756 more words


Stuffed Tomatoes (and a couple of peppers)

At home we eat a lot of stuffed vegetables, from Polish gołąbki to Greek dolmades, so I decided to have a go at putting my own spin on a family favourite. 520 more words


Greek Leftovers: Baked Feta & Stuffed Tomato

When you cook a large meal, as I did on Sunday, it’s not unusual to have some things left over. I had a good portion of the stuffing for the peppers left and I considered freezing it, but didn’t in the end so decided yesterday to use it up by stuffing a large tomato. 545 more words


Stuffed Milkweed Pods

It is a little late in the season to be collecting milkweed pods. There are still a few small ones on the plants, and by small I mean under two inches, but for the most part they are going to seed now. 385 more words


Italian Stuffed Peppers

Sunday dinner at the home of an Italian American family is all about keeping food traditions alive. My husband likes to call the meal “a Sunday feast”.   652 more words