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Creation of Beauty

Life Today <3

Every video I watch
They anger me
The stupid crowd
Screaming their lungs out

To the artist 
It's appreciation
To dear me
It's disrespect

Here's my simple demand
Give or take
Shut the hell up
Only singing is allow

Keeping quiet 
Is the golden rule
When a singer starts
Only the heavenly voice echos

Never the crowd
Never the dumb girl screaming
Never the fan-boy yelling 
Never the audience who dare spoke

Silence should envelope
The stadium filled with music
And the voice of the artist
So beauty can be created

Here is something new 
Newly written 
The scribble of my rant
Criticize or embrace it

To me, love for a star
Comes from silence
Secretly loving in quiet
So strong it can't break

From my point of view 
Be quiet and listen
To the sound
That only silence enables you to hear


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