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Watch These Announcers Completely Lose It As This Football Fan Sings Into A Fake Goose

Let thee who hasn’t sung “Don’t Stop Believin” into a fake animal cast the first inanimate object. During Saturday’s Miami-Virgina game, a fan went to town on his fake goose, blasting away lyrics to Journey’s hit song. 55 more words


Please Enjoy This LSU Fan Almost Losing His Dentures During An Argument

I wish I could tell you more about this LSU fan almost losing his dentures during Saturday’s loss to Arkansas. I wish I had more than, “grandpa swears a lot, then shows us his teeth.” But alas, here we are with a simple 6 second video and nothing else to go on. 18 more words


Chivalry Is Dead: A Man Wrestled A Ball Away From A Woman At Yesterday's Saints/Bengals Game

Sir, excuse me sir, that ball was not meant for you. Jerk store on line one.

The Bengals’ Jermaine Gresham tossed a ball towards a fan after a touchdown in the third quarter. 42 more words


Sports Fans

Sports fan indirectly responsible for Ebola?

I say yes.

What the hell is he talking about?

Let me explain…. Sports fans are some of the most passionate, excited and completely obnoxious people on earth. 615 more words

Did This Soccer Fan Pick His Nose And Wipe It On A Woman's Head?

Wait, you didn’t do what I think you did right? Let me watch that again. Yep, you totally did, you monster. You are a bad, bad fan sir. 36 more words


This Is The Most Disorganized Sign In The History Of Sports

During tonight’s Florida State-Louisville, cameras panned to this sign in the crowd. It confused the hell out of everybody.

It’s supposed to read “I don’t eat poop but Jameis does” in reference to Florida State QB Jameis Winston. 101 more words