I finally felt like I had to unzip the heavy Tracker suitcase, and go through the garbage bag and Invicta bag: two pillows with blue pillowcases (useful), lots of washcloths / handtowels, two Hello Kitty cushions (useless!), nine pairs of (Ardene / Secret) socks (the wrapped new darker ones will be useful), Listerine Total Care Zero mouthwash (expires in March), a Secret control top (WTF?!), Secret nude tights / pantyhose, two comforters (useful), Roots fanny pack, a bunch of tops and pants which aren’t my style (like a thick white cotton pair of pants with Velcro, or a pair of thin blue pants with decorative buttons and NO pockets?!), a blue neck pillow, flowery shorts, another StormTech shirt (maybe this is the one which she thinks I’ll magically know is for Mike?), and a yellow Liz Claiborne shirt. 159 more words