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Intelligence Questioned

Went on a hike in 100+ degree heat with Hubby the other day.   Why on earth we hike in such extreme temperatures is beyond me.  But, most of the path is shade, so it’s not too bad. 571 more words

Stupid Is...

I am blessed with many loving, caring, intelligent friends. I am lucky that way. But sometimes, these “loving caring intelligent” friends act or speak in ways that betray all their good qualities and remind me of that timeless bon mot uttered by Forrest Gump, in the movie of the same name: 105 more words

A Fine Line...

Between trust and carelessness

Between getting an adrenaline rush and not thinking clearly

Between wanting to tell your friends what you did and not realizing that the laws described by Charles Darwin point out you are not at the top of this particular food chain… 27 more words

Ray Visotski