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Republicans Need To Go All Out And Vote For Simpler

if you are a Republican, and distraught at how the Republican Party has dissipated over the past 10 years here in Delaware, and wish it would revive, you need to take control of your party from the henchmen, and vote Simpler over Sher…. 260 more words


Releasing The Pressure

There’s a Hard Rain That’s Gonna Fall.

Times now are very similar to the sentiments floating around in the early 60’s. There was great dissatisfaction with what the US had become (capitalism) and quite a few people, both American’s and otherwise, were seriously looking to other models to fall upon…  530 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"

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Great coach…

How did he get picked again?


Cut Day Has Arrived....

No, it is not a day to slice one’s arms.  It is the NFL’s day of saying you are on the team, or you are off…. 244 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"

Burning Out The Black Man

Lynchings still take place. Chip Flowers is stepping down. It is time to consider his legacy, and boy, what a great legacy it was…

Chip Flowers is the first and only treasurer to take on the Cash Management Board, a select group of appointees who can get their position by donating large amounts of cash to the successful Governor candidates, even when one… 692 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"

Hey 20 Somethings! It's Your Most Important Election Ever

It’s this upcoming 2014 one.. It sets the national stage on whether anything will get done for the next four years. The next president will be powerless to exercise the will of the majority, if the majority party of voters do not vote in their full capacity… … 732 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"