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It's true...

It is a known fact that celery and carrots sink to the bottom in a salad, but float in soup.


The Return to New Light

This weekend’s weather was the typical humid sauna in eastern NC. But, with the consistent rain, my hatred for spinning, and the chance to get outside and ‘take it in’, I hit the trails both days this weekend. 815 more words

Mountain Biking

Decoding Independent Auditors Report

Pre: Dedicated to all who at point of time have audited or have been subjected to audit. Do read an original Audit Report here.

Independent Auditors’ Report… 766 more words

Stupid Stuff

Ugh. Here we go again with the “Change your passwords!” craziness. This internet stinks because it’s like someone swiping your house keys every few weeks (or more) and you needing to pay for new locks each and every time. 202 more words


More Stuff I Can't Say In a Pulpit (or anywhere on site)

1. “Here: hold my dignity…I’ve got some sketchy shit to do.” *

2. (During the Annual Meeting) “Mawage…that dweem within a dweem…And WUUFV. Twuuu wuuufv.” ** 423 more words

Stupid Stuff

Traveling Alone...

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that a few of my family members had told me I need a male traveling companion….

And I thought that I would share the story with you…. 568 more words

Stupid Stuff

Skew You

I would like to thank my family for the never-ending blog fodder that they unwittingly provide.

Every time I have an exchange or a conversation with more than one of them, either in person or via Skype or text message; someone always says something utterly ridiculous.  253 more words

Stupid Stuff