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Things I Can Never Say From the Pulpit

1. The obvious, if beloved four-letter words.

2. I cannot point out that Jael killing the dude with a tent pole may be the first sex-toy fatality in scripture (death by pegging). 282 more words

Stupid Stuff

Dear Black Money

Dear Black Money

I am your weaker sibling, white. How are you? I am fine here in India and I hope you are enjoying your stay in Switzerland. 582 more words

Stupid Stuff

32 Honest T-Shirt Slogans

Here’s a series of T-shirt slogans I came up with, that people should wear if they wanted to be honest:

  1. I’ll avert my eyes the other way as I pass you.
  2. 507 more words

Seriously??? Do we really need to have this conversation???

I found out last week that the tattoo artist that I have been going to for 6 years had to “retire” due to health issues.  I love her.  520 more words

Stupid Stuff

The Randomness 7/25

This is how hot it is right now…

As hot as that clip. We have another heat wave going on in the North Bay, which is making me lazy. 1,423 more words

Circus, new business and rescue at sea

GLADSTONE – Da U.P. Circus was in town this past week and attendance was down according to its organizers. They figure most people here took da tents, clowns, jackass go-round, bearded lady, beer dunk tank and da horse poop smell as da annual  448 more words


What Would You Do 'For Frodo'?

Now, we all know that many people gave up their lives in Lord of the Rings and they all did it ‘for Frodo’, but just how far would you go for the hairy footed hobbit? 462 more words

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