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Crossword night, kindergarten registration, Realtree®

ENGADINE– Crossword puzzle night at da old fogey home last Monday was anything but normal. Henry Crimmins got there early to sit in his favorite naugahyde wing chair so he could fidget and make fart noises with da cushions all night (nothing makes fart noises like genuine naugahyde).   434 more words


More Stupid Stuff

 Here’s another one of those Motherhood of the Year Awards right out the window..

Does this happen often enough that they have to make a sign for it? 113 more words

Fashionable Backlash

Prestige – (noun) : the respect and admiration that someone or something gets for being successful or important 

Class – (noun) : high quality; elegance… 2,735 more words


Only 14 days left on indiegogo! Preorder your copy of our upcoming film, or have us do stupid stuff, or order a post card from Jamaica, or tons of other things!! 10 more words

Here we are

This is the beginning, let’s see where we will arrive, if we shouldn’t succed , please scatter my ashes in the pacific ocean. Don’t worry, I’ll post them here for you for free. 8 more words

Stupid Stuff

Fuck Conformity...(in my dreams)

Sometimes the cowl of conformity really chafes.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and cannot believe what I am seeing….

Stupid Stuff

The Yard Dog Award - Lodging Fit for a King

A while back, I introduced the concept of the Yard Dog Award. Later, I presented the award to the first “winner.” During the past few days of recharging my blogging batteries, the next winner came to my mind. 912 more words