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Wanderlust OR Never Satisfied

I have an itch…. (sounds like a personal problem, doesn’t it?)

An itch to move, to pack my belongings, and find a different roof under which to lay my head.  351 more words

Stupid Stuff

Goats for the people

Just chillin’ on my fancy goat, waiting for Nalak to spawn.


The Garage Door, My iPhone 6, My Glasses, & The Garbage

Yesterday afternoon I only had two things to remember; put the garbage can, and the recycle can at the street. Technically, i suppose that’s only one thing to remember. 1,247 more words


I Over Thought My Thoughts

I over thought my thoughts today.
Now my thoughts have gone away.
No more thinking is what I think.
All this thinking makes thinks stink.

Jeff Smith

Crazy Is Losing My Mind

I woke up in the morning, my mind was so clear.
No panic, no sadness, not even a tear.
I asked my mind what was going on, 98 more words

Jeff Smith

Song of The Week!

That’s right peeps! This blog now offers the song of the week! A few personal items on the agenda to discuss this week, the best of weeks start on Wednesdays, are the following!: 523 more words