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Things I Do Not Understand

The world is full of mysteries. There are things about our home planet that we do not understand and may never will. Sometimes, I think about these mysteries and wonder about the things that I do not understand. 157 more words

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The Collapse of the Stapler Industry

Throughout the history of the United States, the economy has fluctuated. There are times when the economy is running on all cylinders, and there are times when it slows to a crawl. 322 more words

Rambling Ruminations

House Democrats Won't Let Pregnant Double-Amputee Congresswoman Vote From Home | The Daily Caller

I thought I would put this up because it illustrates the goings on behind the scenes in “the halls of congress.” I understand that there are rules in place for that ‘game of thrones’ that is played when it comes to committee appointments. 62 more words

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Poetry from the Bottom of the Barrel

It has happened again. I have run out of ideas to put on this blog. This happens more often than it did in the early days of Surrounded by Imbeciles. 236 more words

Stupid Stuff

Say What?

This article, http://www.energyguardian.net/obamas-climate-deal-china-sends-signal-new-congress-back-home, indicates that our President just promised China that we would shut down a fourth of our factories, shut off a fourth of our lights, close a fourth of our hospitals, and drive only three-fourths of what we do now, all within 10 years. 54 more words


The Problem With Big Ass Vehicles

There used to be a television commercial about a guy who wanted to be a truck driver. When he asked for a job, the guy in charge pointed at a map and said that he had no doubt the new guy could drive from here to there. 534 more words

Rambling Ruminations