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The value of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems from THIS side of the phone line

When I have little patience as it is for the fact that I have to suffer the indignity of talking to a machine instead of a person that insults my intelligence with its programmed courtesies and pleasantries that are negated by its lack of cognitive ability to mean them in any way at all and therefore makes them an additional irritation rather than a courtesy and a ridiculous waste of time at best, it is even MORE absurd that the monotonous droning vocal facsimile insists on rattling off any number of useless bits of unsolicited info at the speed of slug that I do NOT need to know before I am presented with the menu option of what I wish to achieve by calling in the first place which is where I ought to have been offered a selection to hear it if desired. 414 more words


Thank You For Visiting Terre Haute

 YESTERDAY WE HAD A BIT of Big City excitement here in Terre Haute. A couple of brainless gangbanger wannabees from Chicago came to town. They weren’t here visiting the Indiana State campus contemplating a transfer to get a degree in Law Enforcement. 768 more words

11 Mistakes of My Life!

1. Not learning dance- Remember how surviving each day at school was a challenge for Darsheel Safay in TZP? I feel the same on dance floor. 294 more words

Stupid Stuff


Considering my advanced age, and my desire to improve my health, I’ve been paying more attention to all the advertisements I’ve previously ignored. Oh, I hear bits and pieces but mostly they flit through my brain mostly as white noise. 298 more words


Hand Me Down Central

There are times in a girl’s life, where she considers her position, and pouts just a tiny bit because of the short comings she is surrounded by. 444 more words


Stupid Stuff

My brain scan.

It proves that I have a portion of my brain dedicated to a category “Stupid Stuff I Have to do to Keep My Job.” Or SSIHTDTKMJ for short. 485 more words

Things I Do Not Understand

The world is full of mysteries. There are things about our home planet that we do not understand and may never will. Sometimes, I think about these mysteries and wonder about the things that I do not understand. 157 more words

Rambling Ruminations