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In response to Yahoo's offensive article about why men date younger women.

Special Guest Article from Ms Todd

I’ve always thought it was a bit creepy when older guys go after younger women rather than women in their own age range. 1,154 more words


Religion – A Poisoning and Degradation of Social Identification

I’m as guilty as the next person for placing a level of spiritual assertiveness in my interpersonal persona in my relations with others. And, though I’m getting better at it by observing and being socially aware, I still find times where I loosen my opinions and let something slip out. 981 more words

Protest, dead guy, and back to normal

It’s been a solid month without a Yooper Times update and our offices were swarmed last Wednesday by three crazy-assed protesters demanding answers. 469 more words


When to cry, when to keep going, and when to give up...

I read for two hours.

Some of it was interesting. I didn’t know that there was a different word for the kinds of sounds you made when closing your mouth completely, versus when letting air escape through between your teeth, versus using your vocal chords or not. 584 more words

Cdukulele's Life.

It's true...

It is a known fact that celery and carrots sink to the bottom in a salad, but float in soup.


The Return to New Light

This weekend’s weather was the typical humid sauna in eastern NC. But, with the consistent rain, my hatred for spinning, and the chance to get outside and ‘take it in’, I hit the trails both days this weekend. 815 more words

Mountain Biking