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Do you ever wonder why you end up in certain roles doing certain tasks in your life at the office? Here’s a strategy the most notorious army in history used to assign roles to their staff. 290 more words

Brave New World

An Artists Mind

I decorated my skin
With all of these scars
To try and feel
What it is like
To be alive.
I painted my canvas
With a razor blade… 28 more words

She said that's Not where my heart is

April 17- (738pm) tryna cool myself down fr getting mad bc my mom left me to go to the hospital w my bro. I can’t believe she did it. 329 more words

Death's Great Discovery

His given name was Death. He was the kind of guy you couldn’t introduce. He had to be explained. That was the reason Crystal dumped him. 468 more words


"Re-imagined" Classic board games (maybe this is true or not... you will never know. lol)

So as  many f you might know some groups are trying to do away with certain videogames due to their content. Sex, drugs, violence… etc… 527 more words


An Emotional Post.... - Thursday's Food For Thought









This has been a PSA.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday's Food For Thought