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You Can't Fix Stupid

Oh yeah believe it or not you can not fix stupid.  You can educate people and train them but you can not fix stupid no matter how hard you try. 1,598 more words


How To Hold My Hand

Many have..
Feel like..
But I think
I’m done.
Men are too
They can’t
Half the time
They don’t know… 19 more words


What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Detroit. Apparently now indoor plumbing is a human right. At least according to the United Nations, who it seems wants the city of Detroit to provide water to everyone without regard to who has paid for the service and who hasn’t. 433 more words



Being neutral is pretty damn difficult. i have my view and i do try to see their side but at a certain extent it just exhausting trying to maintain a the middle view when you’re being nudged from both sides. 286 more words



No. She did not greet him like an old friend. They sparred. He won. Like she had hoped he would.

He wore black. All black. Like they said he did. 106 more words


WordPress Stiffs Desktop Users For Mobile

They made a drastic, dramatic, and absolutely brain-dead stupid change to the posting area in WordPressdotcom yesterday.

Another WordPress user illustrates it:


Stop Ruining Kickstarter, OK?

When Kickstarter first came out, I was pretty excited. A whole platform dedicated to helping artists and entrepreneurs fund their dreams? What’s not to like? A lot, as it turns out, because like everything good on the Internet, there are people who seem hell-bent on ruining it. 355 more words