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I love you not because you make me laugh.
I love you not because the room lights up when you’re around.
I love you not because of your smile. 332 more words


That's Retarded

People get offended by the use of the words “retarded” and “gay” to mean “stupid.”

But nobody seems to care that we use the words Dumb (a mute person), Idiot (a mentally handicapped person), Imbecile (a prior medical definition for someone with a mental disability), Moron (a term for someone with a mentally disabled age of about 8-12), Insane (A mental disorder where you cannot perceive reality) among many others. 129 more words

Stop Whining about the "Military Industrial Complex"

If I hear this one more time, I am taking a hostage.  From the comments section at Vox’s place:

2) Because the Military-Industrial Complex needs the United States to be in a perpetual state of low-level war in order to justify selling it appallingly expensive weapons that don’t actually work.

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Strange Dream

I had a very odd dream today. I dreamt that one of my friends urinated on me. That’s really not cool. You know how dreams are supposed to have meanings? 104 more words


No surprise: Australian anti-racism ad is not understood by racists

Racism. You can stop people using racist slur, but can you really change their sentiment? Alter their perception? Most likely not. People like to be stupid. 114 more words


"Real Progressive House" vs. "Weird Techy Drug Music"

A few days ago I have been accused by this gentleman of being an offensive and unfair person. I would agree on the “offensive” part. Unfair? 104 more words