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Stupidity’s watching the tree speaking

The tree’s watching stupidity misconfusing

the speeches of the tree to a hustling and

jostling and

clapping and clashing and crushing and slashing of… 34 more words



He stood with his back to her, one arm braced on the wall beside the window, looking outward. Muscle rippled on his back and upper arms, caught what little light streamed in through the window, stood out in hard ridges and shadowed valleys where they weren’t hidden by the thin material of his shirt.  1,580 more words


Israel calls Brazil a ‘diplomatic dwarf’ – and then brings up World Cup humiliation

Brazil recalled its ambassador to Israel, then:

“Israel’s response is perfectly proportioned in accordance with international law,” Palmor said in an interview with the Jornal Nacional TV show late… 53 more words


What happens when libs try their hands at revisionist history...

Salon Attempts to Paint Avowed Communist Lee Harvey Oswald as a “Right-Winger”

Via Salon today comes one of the most truly bizarre pieces of revisionist history I have ever seen, even within the context of articles appearing at Salon.

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Group Given Nearly $300 Million To House Child Immigrants; Improperly Disclosed Lobbying

Oops! Did we leave that information out?

A Texas-based organization that has been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts by the Obama administration to house illegal immigrant children not only lobbied the federal government, but also failed to properly disclose the activity.

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Stupid..and Smart

Here’s a yin and yang post for your afternoon delectation.  I’m still trying to get some time to do a big honker post for y’all, but day job and a true 1st world problem — the start of a massive kitchen remodel on Monday — mean that I haven’t two thoughts to rub together. 641 more words