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How to Scope 3rd Party Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) with Grunt

Every client side web developer or even the occasional advanced user knows what a closure is suppose to do and why it is important to keep all variable within a private scope. 618 more words


Week 11: Introduction to HTML

Its been years since I last wrote some sort of html program for competitions and yes, I have forgotten most of it. I mean, after couple of busy years, what would I expect to myself? 283 more words

How to add new colors in IPE

You can use 26 named colors from the UI of IPE. Sometimes, you do need to other colors for your diagrams. For example, some basic colors are missing like cyan (the combination of green and blue). 55 more words

How to use stylesheets in IPE

Almost all properties and values that you apply to elements in an IPE figure are customizable. You can choose the object and do an Edit XML… 155 more words

How to specify Style-sheets path, full path, url in stylesheet_link_tag (rails helper) [for beginners]

You can specify a full path relative to the document root, or a URL.
Specify URL and how to specify it:
When you need this: … 149 more words