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Cat Burglar!

Here’s a cat burglar for today!

Made it into a postcard heheheh


Trees and Sunsets

Colorful trees for making sad days better.


"Cave" Oil Painting

oil on cardboard, 22 August 2014, Berlin. Copyrights Stefan F. Wirth

The Barcelona Flower

On the right is the classic Barcelona paving stone flower and on the left is a more stylized version. I love these things.


Timber - Ballet {Portrait Photography}

I bought this amazing dress at Goodwill for under $2! I had spent an hour looking through bins at the Goodwill Outlet store when it caught my eye. 64 more words


miscellaneous - part 13

I got a request to make hawk sets. If you like these and want one for yourself, let me know and I can remove or change the name!


New business card!

Been swamped with lots of work this month! But took the time to make a new business card for myself; pretty satisfied with the look! :D