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Lessons From...Zero Charisma

Movies and television are some of the ways that I learned about, and how to interact with, the world. Thinking back, this is probably a sad realization I’ve made but not untrue. 538 more words


Nagoya Day 29: Conversations (Part 1)

At the Japan Plaza, I met Ikue and Nao again, where we made these wooden rubber band guns for a small tanabata festival (タナ祭) that is going to be held next week. 375 more words

Nagoya Day 24: Craft Day (Again)

I can’t avoid crafts. The art of craft-making is patient, detailed and precise, and that lures me in every time. Yesterday, a few of my dorm mates and I made a trip down to Fukiage Hall where we checked out this handicraft fair, named Art & Heart 2014. 424 more words

Nagoya Day 20: Volleyball Day

Yesterday, I went to play some volleyball. Sometime 3 years ago, a group of former high school and university volleyball players got together and formed a Nagoya International Volleyball Club (NIVC). 411 more words

Nagoya Day 19: Creator's Market

I promised a post on the Creator’s Market and here it is.

The Creator’s Market is an exhibition and a marketplace for a variety of exquisite craftsmanship and artworks. 659 more words

Nagoya day 5: Discovering Anime Art, New Grammar

Tidbit #6: Find a routine and settle down. 

The day ends at 11pm consistently everyday. By 7-8pm I would be sitting around in the community room, chatting with my hostel mates and uploading photos from the day. 779 more words

Who Am I and Where Do I Belong? An Identity Crisis!

Walking down the corridors of the mall on a Friday night felt more like skipping a few seasons and landing on Halloween.
All around me were teens dressed in Scene, Punk, Emo and Goth. 983 more words